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Wireless Cameras Helped Save Our Future

by:Fishcat     2020-05-21
Thankful for my Home Security Cameras Last month during our remodel the first hundred dollars I spent was on a pair of home security cameras. Our budget was the same as most young newlyweds - very little - so my wife questioned my decision. We had been in our new house for three months when we finally decided to do the very necessary renovations we had discussed when we bought our home. Structurally the house was great, and our property - three acres just a few minutes out of town - was exactly what we had been looking for. The house itself was outdated and too small - we knew this going in and we understood that it was going to be a big job. To save money we decided to personally do as much of the work as possible. Over the course of a full day we filled the garage with building materials, cabinets, counter tops, and the tools we had bought for our project. We had to buy a table saw, three hand saws, two drills, two ladders, and several different had tools and pieces of small equipment. Our little garage - with a door that did not lock attached to a house with no alarm system - had about a thousand dollars worth of tools in it. Once we had unloaded everything I immediately set about installing my two wireless home security cameras. I chose wireless for many reasons, the main one being the ability to simply mount the camera without hardwiring it to a receiver. That way if I decide I need to move the wireless cameras I do not have to rewire the whole house. I put one camera on the front of the house looking down toward the garage door and front door. I put the other in the back pointed toward the sliding glass door. Our system allows us to log on to a computer and view our house sort of like wireless CCTV cameras, so my wife and I checked it out on our home computer and then went to bed. The very next day my wife was at work and telling her friends about our new wireless surveillance cameras. She logged on to show them the pictures and she happened to notice in the background that the door to the shed in the back yard was open. She called me asking if I had left it open. I said no, just as she saw the garage door open and a man exiting carrying two of my brand new saws. The police were able to catch the guy just a few miles down the road. He had spotted us unloading the tools and came back the next day to try and rob us. If he would have hung around long enough to see the home security cameras going up he may have saved himself some jail time.
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