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WiFi Smart Socket usage skills

by:Fishcat     2020-02-29
Wifi smart socket is a very popular socket in our family now. It has been greatly improved from the average traditional socket and can meet our needs in more aspects, so today, Xiaobian will introduce some of the use methods and functions of wifi smart sockets. I hope you can refer to it. Wifi Smart Socket WiFi smart socket is a product with good creativity. It makes use of the WiFi network in the existing home to make your smart phone or tablet computer under the condition of networking, can open or close the designated electrical appliances through App operation. Moreover, because the smart socket can completely cut off the power of the electrical appliances, for the electrical appliances with high power waiting for the TV and electric water heater, it can be turned on after being controlled by the smart socket, it can also save considerable electricity bills every month. 1, WiFi smart socket, breakthrough, smart home, consistent complex system image, with a smart phone and independent APP, it allows you to remotely control the electrical appliances in your home anywhere in the world. 2. WiFi smart socket has no complicated installation process, plug and play. Socket support Android/ios mainstream operating system, download applications, you can achieve local, remote free control. 3. WiFi smart socket supports real-time status feedback, which can feed back the working status of electrical appliances to the client in real time and support the setting of multiple timing tasks. Mobile phone clients can control multiple smart sockets. The above is some of the use methods and functions of wifi smart sockets introduced by Xiaobian. It can be seen that wifi smart sockets are indeed a very intelligent and easy-to-use socket type, if you want to buy and use sockets in the future, choosing a wifi smart socket is a good choice.
Currently there is a global trend growing. People are more conscious about wifi plug socket and are seeking alternatives to traditional solutions.
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