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WIFI Smart Series Single Housing Solution

WIFI Smart Series Single Housing Solution



1.Single room

The WiFi Smart Series gives you more freedom to personalize the lighting in any space. Our one-room solution allows you to adjust the lighting of different tasks in an economical way. Our switches, panels, telephones and cable jacks are available in a variety of colors to perfectly match your decoration.

2. Energy saving

The WiFi Smart Series dimmers and sensors create a fascinating and comfortable living space while reducing energy costs.

With the dimmer, you save energy every time you use the lamp. Through the occupancy sensor, the light is not lit when the room is left unattended.

3. Elegance and atmosphere

The WiFi intelligent series controller is beautifully designed. Light affects the way you feel things and the way you look around. Dimming helps you feel good and change the room, setting the perfect atmosphere for entertaining or relaxing in the bathroom spa. The controller is equipped with trendy colors and styles to complement your décor.

4. Convenient

Take your lights to the next level - control them from anywhere in the room, even outdoors.

Controlling your lighting is not limited to just the wall. Turn off the lights automatically from your bedside or use an occupancy sensor to turn off the lights automatically.

5. Remote control

Bring joy and excitement to your home with a wireless controller with the touch of a button.

Create a satisfying highlight that is both economical and suitable for your family, dim the lights, and start the movie, all without leaving your seat. Turn lights on or off from home, whether you are in the car or on a walk. Use the infrared remote control to adjust the light.

6. Control daylight

Controlling the light in your home is more about electric lighting, it also involves how to fine-tune the amount of sunlight entering the room.

Silently adjusts the curtains to protect privacy or precious furniture. Reduce daylight from windows or skylights from glare on your calculator or TV. Add elegance through a variety of curtain styles. More choices are available in the sunshade solution.

7. Personalized lighting control

Personalize the lighting in your room so that the lights in your home reflect your lifestyle.

The lighting "scene" is formed by controlling multiple lights in the room. For example, in the kitchen, you can adjust the lighting of the chandelier, under the kitchen cabinet and the sink to prepare food, dinner or clean, all at the touch of a button. In the bedroom, turn on the reading light from the bedside to close the curtain or turn the lounge into a home theater.

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