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WIFI Smart Series Overall Housing Solution

WIFI Smart Series Overall Housing Solution



1. Entire home

The magic of spatial change through lighting is now yours, with the touch of a button. Using hand-held remotes, wall-mounted wall controllers, desktop controllers, and now iOS or Android devices 2 control lighting and curtains in a single room or entire home.

Create lights that are appropriate for the event or mood while saving energy. To find a certified installation manufacturer in your area, please visit Where to Buy for more information.

2. Integration and home automation

Seamlessly integrate technology into your home. Lutron's lighting control system combines audio, video and security. From simple integration with a single system to complex, highly integrated, Lutron has designed its controller to work reliably with other systems in your home.

3. Saving energy

The entire residential system makes the dimming and creating atmosphere throughout the home simpler with a wireless controller and saves energy. Install an occupancy sensor to ensure that the lights are turned off when no one is in the room.

4. Security

Enjoy the security experience of an advanced wireless lighting controller. Form home, safe lighting around the home and home. Connect your safety system to your lighting system to increase your level of safety. Add automatic curtains to protect privacy or precious furniture.

5. Road lighting

Achieve safe navigation at home. There is no need to control each bulb individually from room to room. At night, you can illuminate the passage of the bedroom at night, allowing you to walk through your home easily and safely.

6. Multi-room control

Carefully design the area in your home to meet your needs. Whether you're walking from the kitchen to the dining room and family lounge, or the master bedroom and bathroom, the wireless controller instantly creates the right lighting for your personal needs.

7. More convenient

A desktop controller makes life easier. The “full off” button on the bedside can be used to turn off all the lights in the home with a single touch, without worrying that the lights are on or must be checked back in the middle of the night. The “Full Bright” button turns on all the lights with a single touch, allowing each area to light up.

8. Enhance your vision

Automatically adjust your curtains with a precise, almost silent controller for elegant daylight changes. Reduce glare on your computer and TV screen while keeping your outside view. Offering a wide range of window styles, curtains and techniques, you can personalize any room to enhance elegance and comfort.

9. Remote control

No matter where you go, lighting control is always with you. Convenient lighting and shade controls are portable, and wireless controllers can be placed in the car, in a tote bag or at a table. No matter where you are going home, on the way home from the walk, or on a bench, you can control the lights and curtains in the room at the touch of a button.

10. "Leave" and "vacation" modes

When you leave, just press "Leave" and you will turn off and turn on all the lights in the house as you wish. Setting a “vacation” scene will repeat your daily life mode, turn lights on, turn off the lights, raise and drop the curtains as if you are still at home.

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