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WIFI Smart Series Comprehensive Home Control System, Control the Home System As You Like

WIFI Smart Series Comprehensive Home Control System, Control the Home System As You Like


The world's leading lighting control system expert Lutron Electronics Corporation recently launched the WIFI intelligent series of comprehensive home control system, which can expand the control range of the overall home and achieve significant energy-saving effects. At the same time, its flexible, scalable new protocol is fully prepared for future market needs, and can be controlled by ios or mobile devices such as Android.

The new energy-saving WIFI smart series expands the control range for the entire home. The system is designed to improve the local control of lighting, curtains, indoor temperatures and small appliances to achieve energy savings in the overall home.

The WIFI Smart Series reflects Lutron's core strengths in creating atmosphere, aesthetics, energy efficiency, comfort, convenience and safety. Designed for a wide range of homes, this powerful system controls up to 10,000 zones. The system operates on a completely new system architecture with a flexible, scalable new protocol to prepare for future growth and access to more devices; the system has been redesigned, the cost of the device is lower, and the RF products are refurbished. At the same time increase the functionality, storage and processing capabilities of the product. While enjoying the intuitive product design of the system, the owner can control his home system through mobile devices such as ios or Android. The new products can also be integrated with other mainstream smart home products such as audio and video and security systems.

Product Features Highlights

1.Powerful new processors and programming tools, as well as simplified system architecture

2.Ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted occupancy sensor with 10 years of long battery life

3.4.2-inch touch-screen dynamic keyboard effectively controls lighting, curtains, audio and video and energy consumption

4.Use iOS or Android devices to control the application of the system

5.Enhanced integrated command device and XML file for seamless integration with third-party devices

Huaxia Shenghe strives to build the WIFI Smart Series into a reliable system that includes the design and documentation tools needed and expected by the residential system supplier. The system is equipped with a faster, more powerful processor, and its simplified programming and integration dramatically reduces debug time. Low-cost, easy-to-refurbish devices have more features than previous generations.

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