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WIFI Smart Series Application Solution

WIFI Smart Series Application Solution



WIFI Smart Series control system can greatly improve your quality of life, make you more convenient and comfortable, and save energy.

1. Living room / home theater

Relax and enjoy family entertainment. With lighting and a wireless controller, you can turn your living room into a home theater experience center. Dim your lights to the best brightness, dim the lights to create a movie experience, and the show will be staged.

2. Home office

Make your home office more efficient with lighting and curtain control to make working hours more enjoyable and productive. Easily adjust the overhead lights for a variety of tasks. Touch the buttons to adjust the height of the window curtains, control the natural light, and reduce the glare on the computer screen.

3. Kitchen

Use the kitchen more widely. By using dimmers and an overall control system, you can make the kitchen a changeable space for cooking, dining, and even entertainment. Set the appropriate lighting levels for various activities and control the daylight with electric curtains. Increase temperature control for optimum comfort.

4. Basement

The basement has many uses. Whether it's an activity room, home theater, storage room, recreation room or a combination of uses, lighting control can come in handy. Since there is little or no daylight to reach these areas, the dimmer can help set the correct light level, and the occupancy sensor ensures that the light is automatically turned off when no one is in the room.

5. Children's room

Let your child also put energy into it. Installing a dimmer in a children's room saves energy and extends lamp life. Combine the dimmer with the occupancy sensor to automatically turn off the lights when no one is there, saving more energy.

6. Public facilities room

Spaces that are not often used are often forgotten. With an occupancy sensor, you can ensure that the lights are turned off automatically, saving energy.

7. New home

Personalize your new space with the latest styles, colors and features. Add value to your room with innovative lighting controllers to meet your space needs. Create a one-of-a-kind home with elegant wall controls and accessory controls to match your interior with lighting. Add temperature control to your system to save energy while making space more comfortable.

8. Remodeling/refurbishment

By replacing the existing switch with a dimmer, the function and atmosphere of the room can be easily upgraded, and the rooms in the home can be changed to add taste, convenience and energy saving. Increase your comfort and further energy savings by adding temperature control to your system.

9. Single room

The WIFI Smart Series single room solution allows you to easily adjust lighting for different tasks and save energy. Our switches, panels, phones and wired jacks come in a variety of colors to match your upholstery


10. Multiple rooms

Take advantage of the WIFI Smart Series Wireless Controller to take full advantage of the open layout or master suite space. Create a safe passage from the kitchen to the living room or turn the master bedroom or bathroom into a relaxing corner. Multi-room control makes your space more intuitive and makes your lifestyle more personal.

11. Whole house

Control the lighting and temperature throughout your home. At the touch of a button, you can raise and lower curtains, increase privacy, protect furniture, and adjust the temperature in the room. Use the handheld remote to adjust the lighting throughout your home. Temperature is controlled by wall controllers, mobile devices and clocks. Seamless integration with other home systems for a complete solution.

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