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why smart homes are popular

by:Fishcat     2020-01-01
Smart home is an important step on the evolution ladder of residential space, and its main purpose is to make life more comfortable, convenient, safe, entertaining and sustainable.
Smart home powered by electronic devices and computing technology is the privilege of the rich in the past --but no more.
Nowadays, smart home technology has become affordable, and every ordinary family uses some form of smart home automation.
As a developer\'s end product, smart home has also attracted more buyers in Indian cities.
In the integrated township, the smart home function is the expected advantage and is considered an ideal part of the overall product.
With the continuous progress of science and technology, smart home has become \"smart\" year by year \".
Just a few years ago, smart homes in India were mainly sold in the form of homes with advanced security features such as cameras, smart door lock systems and similar surveillance.
Today, the impact has expanded to include electronic lighting systems, fire detection systems, gas leak detection, energy efficiency monitoring, entertainment systems, etc.
The smart home market has been growing steadily in India.
Every year, the usage rate of smart homes in India is 15-
First-tier cities 18 percentage points, 5-
The proportion of second-and third-tier cities is ten per cent.
This dynamic is especially due to the increase in the number of working couples with double income in big cities.
Both husband and wife are working and the family has the financial ability to choose a smart home, which is really a little more expensive than a family without smart features.
In particular, home automation is considered an ideal solution to protect the safety of the home without being occupied
Either during the day when residents work or extend their time while they are on vacation.
The smart monitoring feature also allows remote monitoring of the safety of children and the elderly through the smartphone app.
In the integrated township, the intelligent security function must be combined with the larger security measures at the project level.
Due to the deep penetration of the Internet and growing concerns about family safety
The crime rate in our city is rising and most potential buyers today are aware of the concept of smart home.
Although this consciousness is not
The overall tendency of this product is very positive.
In high-end homes, smart home functions are the norm, not the exception, and as has been mentioned, families in integrated townships are considered fashionable.
Popular features for smart home safety in India: Video door monitoring, motion sensor, gas leak detection, intrusion sensor, curtain sensor, fire detection and control lighting control: remote on/off, entertainment: AV control, game console communication: smart air conditioning, smart refrigerator GPS Navigation connected to entry and exit, for ordinary Indian buyers of smart home, the unit room must first include electronic security functions.
Energy efficiency is another area that is increasingly popular with buyers.
People are willing to spend more money on smart air conditioners, smart TVs or smart refrigerators.
However, advanced security is the main driver.
Huge obstacles in India
The massive popularity of smart homes is collapsing.
However, there are several factors that hinder public acceptance: cost and lack of awareness.
Most Indian customers expect that smart technology will increase the security of life in some way;
If this is not done, the proposal is almost unacceptable.
Communication Control or smart gadgets are considered desirable but not absolutely necessary.
The demand for technologies such as video conferencing, cross-floor communications and even curtain control is largely limited to commercial space, and is not yet an important factor in smart homes in India.
Although ordinary buyers in India are positive about the idea of smart home, they are willing to spend no more than 1-
Families with smart solutions pay an extra 3 cents. The upper-
Income groups extend premium acceptance to 5-8 per cent;
It must be noted that this is still very low in terms of the overall benefits of smart homes.
In this space, however, things must be looking up --
People\'s awareness and acceptance are increasing, and in the near future, we will become closer and closer to smart home and become the default choice for buyers.
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