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why bluetooth speakers are the smart choice for the smart home

by:Fishcat     2019-12-31
According to a new study by Technavio, as the Internet of Things becomes popular, smart homes will not be complete without at least one set of wireless Bluetooth speakers.
Portable speakers that sync with tablets, smartphones, PCs and televisions have become a big hit for consumers and every Consumer Technology Association (
Official establishment of Consumer Electronics Association)
Research has shown that they rank high on the list of technical wishes for average shoppers.
The Technavio report highlights this simplicity, which is one of the reasons for their rapid popularity, but also points out that the device is beginning to blur in terms of use as the home becomes smarter and smarter, for example smart lights that light bulb with the Bluetooth speaker has find audience wireless speaker will become connection family of core of part is expected to from now to 33% sales will growth 2020, about 10 dollars (RM40. 54bil)annually.
\"Bluetooth speakers offer a variety of advantages that make them popular among consumers.
These devices do not require cabling, consume less space compared to the home theater, and run with batteries, so they are suitable for outdoor use.
They promise to be durable, trouble-
Free maintenance and faster features.
All of these factors are driving demand for Bluetooth speakers, which in turn may help the market grow, \"said ujasial Doshi, chief analyst at consumer electronics research at Technavio.
With this in mind, who is currently the best Bluetooth speaker system?
BeatsThe has optimized and simplified the range of Bluetooth speakers into a system, Beats Pill. For US$299. 95 (RM1,216)
It promises stereo (
Bass and Treble speakers)
, Integrated speaker phone and 12-
Battery life.
BoseThe has launched a premium audio brand of popular active noise reduction headphones, which currently offers a speaker selection of $129. 95 (RM527)to US$299. 95 (RM1,216). For US$299. 95 (RM1,216)
, SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III provides a clean, timeless design and 14-
Battery life.
Not only does Harmonon have its own premium brand, it also has many other audio companies including JBL and AKG.
Through JBL, it produces many interesting and affordable devices such as JBL Go.
It is small enough to fit in a pocket with an integrated speaker phone that can play 5 hours of music between charges;
The retail price is $39. 95 (RM162).
Cheapest portable Bluetooth speaker cube-shaped SRS-
The retail price of X11 is $49. 99 (RM203).
However, $239. 99 (RM973)
You can get a wireless Bluetooth speaker that works as a smart light bulb.
Just screw it into any existing screws
Install lighting accessories to remotely control the brightness of the lights and the volume of music.
SamsungThe Level Box mini is the most affordable product for Korean companies in the field of wireless speakers.
The device is ingenious in style, has four colors to choose from, can be used up to 25 hours for a single charge, and will work with S-
Voice features on Samsung smartphones are only $79 (RM320). —
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