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Which Home Security Camera Will Best Protect Your Home?

by:Fishcat     2020-05-18
There is nothing more important than being safe in your home. This is something that we all strive for, and a home security system is something that can really make you feel more secure. Fortunately enough, there are quite a few of them on the market, all with various strengths and weaknesses. More often than not, people don't really know what will help them out the most, and considering that they're not very cheap, it's generally preferred that any prospective buyer have some information beforehand. As far as cameras go, you'll find that there are just a few different styles to choose from, and while some are better than others, they're all pretty good. Dome and C-Mount Cameras Easily, one of the most popular cameras that you see are dome cameras. They're actually pretty good for a number of reasons. One, since they're so popular, you can get a pretty high quality camera for a low price. One of the best features of the camera is that you can film in more than one angle. The dome shape ensures that it can film without anyone knowing the direction it is filming in. C-Mount cameras are very impressive because you can actually change the lens, and there aren't too many home security cameras that you can do that with. If you'd like to see more than 30 to 45 feet, you'll find that this or a CS camera is what you want. Hidden and Bullet Cameras Hidden cameras can be used for home security, but more often than not, they seem to be used to look for a cheating spouse or a nanny that you may expect to be up to no-good. They're prized for their ability to be inconspicuous, and while they're not exactly practical for an outside intruder, they are pretty good if you suspect something is going on under your roof. Bullet cameras, as their name implies, are shaped like bullets. They're good for outdoor use, and if modified, they can also be used as indoor cameras. Of course, this depends on the model that you buy. Overall, choosing a home security camera isn't really all that hard, as most of it is understanding what different camera types are available to you. While this is just a small part of the home security process, it's definitely one of the most important steps, only second to the standard home security system that is found in most homes.
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