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Which are the best smart home automation products

by:Fishcat     2020-06-16
This article gives a snapshot of the smart home systems. Nest cam indoor cameras are the best way to monitor your home while away from home. Earlier, when you were going out of town for a few days or even when you were going to office daily, we all used to worry about the security of our house and the valuable things inside. Some people worry about the well-being of their pets when they are away. If someone breaks into your house, you have to wait till the police is able to trace or catch them; you can’t help the police force in anyway in finding the burglars. Smart home systems are the ultimate solution to the worries about your home. Smart home systems will have inter-connected and security monitored appliances, which are energy efficient and give comfort to the home owner. Smart systems makes your home automated and provides the home owner feedback by monitoring all the connected devices of the home. For security purpose these homes will have cameras mounted at potential but secluded places. If any burglars try to break in, these cameras will record the action. Along with the cameras, sensors will be installed, which will intimate the home owner about any intruders or unusual movements inside the house. Nest Cam indoor security camera This indoor security cameras are an integral part of the smart home security systems. These cameras have high resolution and seamless integration, which makes them a favorite of security agencies and home owners alike. Though they don’t have any tilt or pan features, the camera covers 130O field view. They can be used as standalone device as well. Nest cams have a 24/7 live streaming feature and saves the feed up to 30 days. The device can be mounted using a magnetic stand. The cam will alert the home owner if it is connected to the app for Nest products. You can access and control the cam from anywhere. The camera is designed in such a way that it will watch for any motion and listens to conspicuous sounds (like that of window glass breaking or door forced open). If the device finds something g odd, it will send the alert to the owner’s phone with the image of what is happening. The came not only senses motion, but it can differentiate between the motion of a human being; with in the video frame. You can set ‘activity zone’ and the cam will send alert if that zone is violated. You can set an activity zone on your cookie jar too; this will help in kids when they are home alone. Features of Nest camera If you missed an alert , the app will let you see the activity log of past three hours. The device also helps to keep an eye on your pets and what they are doing when you are away from them. A smart home security system gives peace of mind to the home owners when they are away from their sweet home and pets. According to user’s statistics report of smarthome automation, it in increased by 19% from past year which is rapidly increasing day by day. So in 2050 it will increased by 40%.As we knowsmart home productsare become more helpful for different purposes such asSecurityTVKitchenLightingAs using somesmart home productslike video door bells which gives more security to home. It has different features like1.High Resolution Camera2.Night Vision3. Live video with incoming audio4.Push notificationsSo First of all we need to secure our home because if we secure our home then only we can make our home more smarter.
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