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What smart home product should I never buy?

by:Fishcat     2020-06-16
Amazon is to splash $1 billion to acquire smart home security company Ring – a company made famous for its video doorbell series. The movecomes hot on the heels of Amazon's acquisition of Blink, another company with a video doorbell in its range, for $90 million back in January.\nHaving Ring in-house should have a big impact on Amazon’s Key platform – the service that combines a smart security camera and a smart lock for keyless entry, guest access and, most crucially for the e-retail giant, in-home deliveries.\nWhen I spoke to Ring founder and CEO Jamie Siminoff in late 2017, for a profile on my \nsmart home website The Ambient\n, he responded to a question about the effectiveness of Amazon Key:\n \n \n“Amazon is both an investor in Ring as well as a strong partner, so we have a lot of respect there but, in this instance with what they’ve done, I was never a fan of how this was put together. I don’t believe the seal around the home should ever be breached by a third-party company. No matter how many cameras you have and how much control you have over it, I just don’t think it’s a good idea.\n“To me it’s backwards because Amazon is usually so thoughtful around scale and when you’re doing like 50 million interactions a day, even if the smallest percentage – like 0.0001% goes wrong – that could be like five deaths a day!”\nSiminoff told me that that the system could be done better and that something similar was on the Ring roadmap. “We have a lot of ideas around how to do it differently,” he explained. “Long term, the way we’re looking at things is a better fit for consumers and for companies themselves.\'\nChances are then, that we’ll get to see that “better fit” play out on a grander scale, with Ring reportedly set to continue as a brand under the Amazon roof. The Seattle giant is said to be planning on allowing Ring to operate independently, with Siminoff staying on as CEO of Ring.\nWith Nest also now in the video doorbell market, with its Hello device, it's certainly a boom time for an emerging tech genre. Dear, there are no home smart home products that you should never buy. All the smart home products are useful and helpful for a better life.Here I think a smart power strip is a necessity for home. And I recommend thisGblife smart WiFi power strip. It is mainly designed to make ordinary electronic appliances become smart devices for making your life easier, which is ideal for home or office use. With it, you can heat the water up before you get home after work and you can also easily settle the problem about forgetting to turn off the electronic devices when you go out, rather amazing. Please believe that our smart power strip will be an intimate partner in your life.Features:- Remote control With the function of WiFi control, you can control this smart power strip at any time or any place in the world by using the wireless network and its remote control plan.- Voice control It is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, supporting voice control, which means you can switch on or switch off your household appliances by voice control.- Timing function You can preset the specified time to automatically turn on or turn off the light, air conditioner, water heater, charger and so on, bringing you lots of conveniences.- Favorable design You can switch on or switch off the 4 AC outlets individually and control the 4 USB charging ports simultaneously by operating the APP on your WiFi-enabled device, like the tablet, PC, cellphone, and so on, safe and energy-saving.- Multiple protection With the designs of surge protector, smart output protection, and high-quality flame-resistant PC material, this smart WiFi power strip is secure to use, keeping your home safe.- Compact design 23 x 8.8 x 3.5cm, lightweight and compact design, our Gblife smart WiFi power strip keeps your desk neat and orderly. Besides, there are 6 anti-slip pads on its bottom for stable placement.Hoping this is helpful. And if you like, please upvote my answer. I appreciate it.Visit our website for more information:
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