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What should I do if the smoke alarm keeps ringing?

What should I do if the smoke alarm keeps ringing?


The false alarm of smoke detector is a very serious problem. When the fire does not occur, the smoke alarm will continue to sound, you may remove it, then when the fire does occur, it will not sound the alarm.


False positive reason 1: cooking

Solution: Move the position of the alarm. If the alarm is located far away from the cooking place, the smoke produced by the cooking will become very thin when it reaches the alarm, thereby reducing false alarms. Choose to buy a photoelectric smoke detector. The photoelectric alarm is not very sensitive to tiny smoke particles, so it will not produce false alarms on the smoke particles produced by cooking.

Cause of false alarm 2: the influence of steam or moisture

Solution: Install the alarm device in a place far away from steam and moisture, for example, the corridor of the bathroom should not be installed with an alarm, so that the problem can be solved. However, if the alarm originally worked normally but now reacts to steam or moisture, then the problem may be the cause of the aging of the alarm. Older alarms will become more sensitive and easier to respond to steam and moisture. Therefore, the occurrence of a false alarm may also be because the alarm has exceeded the service life and needs to be replaced.

False positive cause 3: smoke from cigarettes

Solution: Under normal circumstances, the smoke detector will not respond to cigarette smoke unless the smoke is very heavy. For example, many smokers smoking in the same room may cause an alarm. If the alarm is too old, it will respond even if the smoke concentration is very low. So conversely, we can also use this to determine whether the alarm has aged.

Cause 4 of false alarm: power supply

Solution: The battery will emit a chirping sound about every minute when the battery is almost used up (different models will have differences in the interval and sound, but there is a low battery warning function), some people will think this is a kind of False positives. But this kind of sound is very different because it makes a single, short sound, and it makes such a sound about every minute. If your alarm emits such sounds intermittently, you can replace the battery to see if it solves the problem.

Reason 5 for false positives: dust

If the alarm sounds continuously, it may be that too much dust has accumulated in the alarm. It is time to replace the alarm or clean it. When cleaning the alarm, place the end of the vacuum cleaner close to the opening around the alarm to vacuum one by one. In this way, the dust accumulated in the alarm can be completely removed.

Smoke detectors require regular maintenance and inspection. Most smoke detectors generate false alarms due to aging of smoke detectors or accumulation of a lot of dust. If it is recommended to use wireless smoke detectors for home use, hotels, schools, office buildings, etc. need a professional fire alarm system and have professional maintenance personnel. Shenan Group specializes in fire alarm equipment and fire alarm system services, and links the alarm system and fire control system to provide customers with the best fire safety solutions. 

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