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What should I do if I can't open the door with smart WiFi lock?

What should I do if I can't open the door with smart WiFi lock?


An important function of the smart door lock is to make life more convenient, but some special situations also occur, so the spare mechanical key needs to be placed outside the home, so what should I do if the door cannot be opened?


1. Confirm the battery condition. If the battery voltage is insufficient and cannot be turned on normally, you can use the power bank to temporarily charge through the USB interface until the light is on and the door can be opened to replace the new battery immediately.


2. Whether it is due to 5 fingerprint recognition errors or password errors. If the password or fingerprint recognition fails many times, it will enter a temporary locked state and emit an alarm sound. It is an anti-theft design. If this happens, don't worry, wait a few minutes to release the locked state.


3. Whether it is just the reason for fingerprint recognition. If the fingerprint cannot be opened, but the password can be used to open the door, it is a problem with fingerprint recognition. Either the fingerprint of the finger is too light or smooth to be recognized due to work or weather, or the fingerprint head is damaged and cannot be recognized.


4. The motor is damaged. Regardless of fingerprint or password unlocking, the motor is silent after verification, and the door cannot be opened by pressing the handle, the motor is damaged, and you need to contact after-sales service.


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