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What Makes A Good Home Security Camera?

by:Fishcat     2020-05-18
One of the fastest-growing segments of the home security industry, which is rapidly approaching $60 billion a year in sales, is for home security cameras. That increase in demand of course has created a lot of different manufacturers offering different products at different prices. So when you go looking for a good home security camera what exactly do you want to look for; what makes for a good home security camera? Usually home hidden cameras are board cameras that are placed inside objects that people are used to seeing everyday. That board camera transmits images to a TV screen or computer monitor for viewing. The images are usually transmitted in color or black-and-white and can be done wirelessly or wired. A relatively new option is to include a built-in DVR. This option is not available on all spy cameras. 1. Look for a product that will fit in to your situation there are over 50 to choose from in all price ranges. 2. The second thing to look for is a distributor that makes all his hidden cameras here in the US- custom-made, not an off-the-shelf import. 3. Then some distributors bench test their products before they send them out. That is a further assurance of a quality camera. 4. Some distributors offer technical support. Remember that old bumper sticker 'stuff happens'? Just in case there is a problem, where do you go to get it fixed. Chances are the distributor doesn't know enough to do it. They need a good technical support team backing you up. 5. And finally everyone is concerned about price these days. When you go shopping for a good home security camera or hidden security camera look for a distributor who offers a price guarantee to meet or beat any price on the Internet for comparable products. These are the qualities that make for a good security camera. When are you getting one?
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