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what is smart home tech? everything you need to know

by:Fishcat     2019-12-26
We all have a lot to do in the world we live in.
Family, work, health and future savings are our shared responsibility.
Smart home devices have been booming over the past two years because the technology has become better, giving us more control and automation.
What is smart home?
Smart home is a fully integrated, interactive, usually voice-enabled home.
Control the environment through one or more \"connected\" devices in lighting, heating and safety systems, all built to make your day easier.
Thanks to the arrival of voice, smart home has become more affordable
Control systems such as Amazon\'s AI and a new generation of \"connected\" devices that work with them.
All you need is a smartphone or tablet, as well as access to the app to control a good broadband connection for your smart device.
Your smart home can meet your needs, save you money, and become your personal assistant, bodyguard, security guard and entertainer.
Whether you are locked out, need recipes or want to relax with the best music, smart home should meet every need of you by touching buttons or simple voice commands.
What is there?
Quite a bit, frankly.
In the past two years, many connected home gadgets, from locks, switches to speakers, have been on the market.
Smart appliances such as monitoring and lighting, smart heating and pollution tracker, cookers and refrigerators with built-in tablets, and smart entertainment such as wireless speakers, projectors and photo frames flourish.
All of this is operated by voice control or an application.
How popular is it?
According to IDC analysts, the global smart home equipment market grew third in 2018 alone, with 0. 64 billion units shipped worldwide.
Smart speakers like Amazon Echo are the fastest --
The category of growth, with a growth rate of 39%, has sold 100 million worldwide.
This is a very revolutionary thing.
Who\'s behind it?
There are now dozens of companies and emerging brands offering smart home technology, but so far the leaders in this area are Amazon, Samsung, Google and Google Nest, Apple and Philips.
But be aware that not everything is compatible and worth checking that any new device works well with your smart speakers.
It should tell you this on the box. Most high-
High quality smart devices will work with several different systems, so it\'s easy to shop around.
Google and Amazon (
Its Echo display device)
Now offers \"smart speakers\" with screens, which gives you an easier way to master smart homes
Screen tutorial explaining how to use it.
They are also great for finding recipes when you use them in the kitchen!
How to start from small, established.
It\'s worth seeing to get a hub device first.
Amazon Echo is one of the smartest choices because it can be used as a \"brain\" to link all other smart home gadgets that otherwise work through separate apps.
It can also be an alarm clock, organize your diary, plan your work trip, find food recipes for you, and tell you the weather-it\'s by no means an exhaustive list.
A thermostat like Nest Learning Thermostat can save you money, so it feels worth it.
They are programmable and can help you practice using smart home technology.
Other money-saving gadgets are roadside surveillance devices.
Give you an instant opportunity to save money
Provide time energy consumption data for your home.
What will happen in the future?
The main trend for next year is smart furniture, and Ikea has started selling smart furniture with many smaller brands.
More and more furniture embedded in wireless charging appears, so it absorbs this charge as soon as you put down your gadget.
Another key trend is to set up a trigger in your home and it goes off when you walk around.
Wear a smart bracelet that makes a decision for you so that when you wake up, the lights downstairs will turn on and the coffee will start brewing.
Interactive projectors are another product that people are talking about.
Companies like Sony have shown devices that project images onto any flat surface.
But what\'s really smart is that you can interact with the image itself.
Not just in your Star Trek dream.
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