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What is a smart junction box?

What is a smart junction box?


The smart junction box is an essential part of an electrical wiring system for buildings and homes. Its purpose in the house is to protect the electrical connections of the structure safely. The box offers easy access to the cables because removing the cover is sufficient to make changes, additions, or repairs to the conduit. Also, it protects the wiring from the environment or elements, which sometimes can be harmful or corrosive to the wiring material. The smart junction box protects the wiring from unwanted tampering, dangerous or involuntary manipulations.

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Installation of the smart junction box

The professionals generally recommend installing this box, bringing the new cable from the central electrical panel to this box instead of disconnecting the existing electrical box. Typically, this is carried out to avoid overloading the circuit, which is essential to protect against the threat of the possible electrical fire.


When you are adding the circuit to the old house, the best option is to connect the new ROMEX cable from an electrical panel. You don't have to connect the expensive computer or large-screen TV with all the crucial data to the old two-wire outlet. You can buy the smart junction boxes in almost all hardware stores. It cost less than the dinner of two at the McDonald's and raises the safety of the home's electrical system. In the store that buys the box, you can get additional covers for all the boxes discovered. This is in the garage or during the inspection in the attic.


Electricians generally repair the smart junction box in the stable structural position, like a joist or stud. This is particularly essential if the box is used to support the light fixture. The other types of boxes have wings which fit into the hole in a drywall but are generally not stable or strong enough to support the light fixture. Sometimes people call this box the receptacle box and use words interchangeably. However, remember that this term is occasionally used most of the time and does not always refer precisely to the box.


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Characteristics of the smart junction box

A smart junction box consists of a housing and a series of cable connectors or terminal blocks. The box and the exit and entry points are made of metal or plastic, depending on an environmental consideration in which it can be mounted. The conditions consist of a level of the humidity and the presence of gas or dust.

The exit or entry points can be the simple bypass or the stouter cable gland. The cable gland works to prevent the external environmental condition from entering the housing and damaging the connections. Also, the exit and entry points can take the mating form of the cable group connector to make simpler the connectivity of a technician or the field electrician.


Safety of the smart junction box

You are required to always switch off the power before the smart junction box start to work. You do not want to be unlucky to find the hot wire too dangerous. Furthermore, it is not enough to guess which switch controls the room that works. Instead, press the main switch to remove the doubt that power is off. You can also drill a hole to make the wires enter the box. In this, you can use pliers to fix ROMEX wiring which comes to the box and connect the cables inside a box with the nuts. If there are difficulties in braiding the wires, you can use the needle-nose pliers to coil from white to black and from white to white before you attach the wire nut.

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