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What are the uses of smart sockets?

What are the uses of smart sockets?


The pace of science and technology is so fast that the phrase "everything is smart" is no exaggeration today.

If the product does not wear a "smart" hat, it seems that it will be cruelly thrown behind by the big army.

The smart socket sounds unremarkable, but it actually makes people worry a lot in actual use. But what exactly does it do? What is the most suitable for use on electrical appliances? For the answers to these questions, please listen to the editor.

Use of Smart Socket

1. Protection capacity up

Compared with ordinary sockets, smart sockets are more secure. Among them, the "no arc" is particularly important.

I don't know if you have encountered this kind of situation: when you pull the plug from the socket, you find a flash of fire passing by, and if you accidentally touch your finger, you will be trembling with electricity.

In fact, this spark is the so-called "arc", and it is enough for adults. If there are children in the family, they should be vigilant.

The smart socket can effectively prevent this kind of situation, thanks to the "automatic power off" function of the smart socket.

For example, when charging a mobile phone, it can automatically recognize the full power state of the device, and thus automatically cut off the power, effectively isolating the source of danger from the outside.

At the same time, this function can also protect the mobile phone battery to a certain extent and extend the life of the battery. In short, Baili is harmless.


2. The timing function is very practical!

As a star who has trouble getting up, want to have breakfast at home? difficult! After all, after dragging and pulling to get up, how can there be time to tinker?

However, the smart socket has successfully opened up a new world.

You can prepare food materials into cooking equipment at night, insert the plug above the smart socket, and turn on the timing function.

For example, porridge starts at 7 o'clock in the morning, often one hour. When you get up at 8 o'clock, the attractive porridge is already waiting for you in the pot.

Or set a timer switch for the aromatherapy machine. When you return home tiredly after "moving bricks for 8 hours", you will be greeted with a wonderful and relaxing fragrance.

3. The remote control is great!

Often times, you with a nervous mind will forget to turn off all kinds of power supplies in your home, such as fans in summer, stoves in winter, or rice cookers in the kitchen that forget to unplug.

These little things that you inadvertently forget may become the fuse that can detonate your home. The importance is self-evident.

But if there is a smart socket that can be switched remotely, these problems will no longer be "problems."

Directly control the socket switch on the mobile phone, even if you are on a business trip or traveling abroad, you don't need to worry about the safety of your home.

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Electrical appliances suitable for smart sockets

Smart sockets are good, but if you replace all the sockets in your home with it? Obviously, it is not very practical. So which appliances are they more suitable for?

First of all, they are undoubtedly a "natural fit" together with kitchen appliances. Rice cooker, purple casserole, egg cooker, bread machine. Arranging the timer function can make life more convenient 100 times. At the same time, it can prevent the safety hazards of kitchen appliances.

Secondly, smart sockets are more suitable for devices that are likely to cause hidden dangers to electricity. For example, the electric blanket in the winter house, or the electric oven, etc.

See here, do you understand the smart socket? Yes, there is no urge to chop your hands!

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