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What are the characteristics and functions of WiFi smart sockets?

by:Fishcat     2020-02-28
Wifi Smart Socket uses home WiFi network to enable smart phones or tablet computers to turn on or off designated electrical appliances through APP operation under the condition of networking. Wifi smart plug can be controlled at any time, thus saving a lot of electricity every month. So what are the characteristics of wifi smart socket and what is the function of wifi smart socket. Wifi Smart Socket features 1. wifi smart socket can remotely control the electrical appliances in the home in any place. It is very convenient and can be switched at any time. 2, wifi smart socket installation is simple, plug and play, just download the application, you can achieve local and remote free control. 3. wifi smart socket can set up multiple timing tasks and can feed back the working status of electrical appliances to the client in real time. Wifi smart socket function 1. wifi smart socket has a custom mode function and can remotely control the water heater so that it can take a comfortable hot bath when coming home from work. 2. The wifi smart socket can set different modes for the electrical appliances at home according to personal needs, and can automatically switch on and off the power supply and control the electrical equipment at home, this can save electricity and prolong the service life of electrical appliances. 3. wifi smart socket has a charging protection mode, and can set the closing and opening time of the socket by itself, which can avoid the long charging time of the mobile phone and cause the mobile phone battery to be easily damaged. 4. The wifi smart socket has the' memory function'. As long as it is turned on, even if the socket is powered on after power failure, it can ensure that the electrical equipment can continue to operate in the original state instead of 'unexpected strike ', it eliminates the worries of users in the process of using.
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