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what are smart home systems?

by:Fishcat     2020-01-01
Smart home systems are various and overlapping electrical and wireless systems that will enable smart home or smart home to function as a whole.
The core of understanding the essence of the system is to understand the foundation of the intelligent family and the various technologies that support the intelligent family.
The concept of smart home has been around for a long time, in fact in many ways, it is one of the oldest sci-fi dreams and is about to become a reality.
Typical scenarios that show the potential of a smart home typically include someone driving a Smart car home from work.
When they approach their home, their smart car communicates with their garage and their garage door opens automatically when they arrive.
Also, when they get home, their smart cars will be connected to their home, their lights will automatically light up at home, and their heating will turn on, their proper kitchen equipment, for example, will wait for the pre-set in their oven.
Make dinner.
Another scene included the delivery of their groceries at the moment they arrived home.
The reason this happens is because smart refrigerators have realized that their prices are low on certain items, have automatically contacted their local grocery store, they have assembled the items and automatically put them
Grocery stores learn when to deliver by visiting drivers
Line the calendar and figure out the exact time point at which they go home.
In addition, the grocery store will automatically charge the driver\'s credit card for groceries, they have a credit card, and the amount on the credit card will be deducted through on-automatically from the driver\'s bank account
Banking facilities.
A few years ago, this situation or these situations seemed far away. fetched.
Today, they will be a reality for anyone who wants them.
In fact, billions of devices are equipped with sensors that enable them to connect wirelessly over the Internet, often referred to as the internet of things.
Smart home systems are usually various types of systems used in smart homes, such as alarm systems, security systems, lighting control systems, audio systems, a technical system, it could even be a complete smartphone system.
In addition, this requires a smart home management system to coordinate all of these activities and be able to manage them without any of them working.
Currently, it is expected that these systems will be controlled via an app or app via someone\'s smartphone, but I will most likely change in the future.
Big tech companies are driving a shift to voice recognition technology, which seems to mean it\'s their preferred model for coordinating smart home mechanisms.
What may be overlooked is the network security implications and risks inherent to any such system.
wifi plug socket smart socket is liked by everyone and is used in every household.
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