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by:Fishcat     2020-02-27
Have you started building your smart home? Marketers have created a dream world in which we will start to make coffee in the morning whisper commands or open at night
In reality, however, \"smart\" devices can be more troublesome than helping.
When the switch is on the wall why are you telling your lights to turn on, when your smart speakers don\'t understand how frustrated you are, when you don\'t understand that your smart speakers are not devices, I think there is a place that is the perfect starting point for any smart home: video doorbell.
It is really useful because it allows you to see who is outside no matter where you are.
It will alert your phone to see who is ringing and who is talking.
To understand the challenge of the installation, I tested the ringtone Video Doorbell 2 ($199).
The subsidiary currently has devices such as Amazon\'s ring connected to Alexa.
You can bring up the video of it on Alexa. (
Google\'s own Nest Hello video doorbell solution).
Five Rings promised.
The installation time is very short and I am very close.
The bag is very complete and guarantees you don\'t need to run back to Home Depot: it has screws, anchors, wires, two panels, a mini screwdriver, and even a level meter.
The instructions include wired and wireless installation.
Once I have the doorbell installed, it takes less time to download the ringtone app and connect my device.
When I\'m done, I can see the view from my door at any time, at any location, and get an alarm when someone calls.
One of my warnings is that you need to have a strong Wi-
Fi is right at your door to get the ring to work properly.
My video was initially slow and blocked before I moved the router.
Bell video doorbell with simple instructions and attractive features is the Smart Start of smart home.
Whether or not you want to connect your light to the coffee machine is another day\'s problem.
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