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Futurist Wolf Lensen once said: "After the era of farming, industry, and electrification, human beings will enter a new society that focuses on dreams, spirits, and life." 
Yes, smart homes are indeed a thing now. The craze, it can bring a lot of convenience and experience to people's lives. This is convenient. 
We can supervise the whole operation of the home and control the operation of the home through the small and convenient speakers at hand or the mobile phone. 
In the future, it is not controlled by you and me. It should be controlled by technology.

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Smart home system is a kind of living environment for people. It takes the residence as the platform to install smart home system, which makes the family life safer, energy-saving, intelligent, convenient and comfortable. Based on housing platform, the use of integrated wiring technology, network communication technology, smart home system design scheme of safety technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology to integrate the household life related facilities, schedule to build efficient residential facilities and family affairs management system, improve home security, convenience, comfort, artistry, and realize environmental protection and energy saving living environment. Check the videos on smart home products production.

The size of the lamp holder is adjusted, and the size of each lamp holder is consistent, so that the overall filament can reach equilibrium, and the details are refined to achieve perfect intelligent illumination.

Time switch green Low carbon. APP remote control One button in hand can adjust brightness overall.

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