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Using New Technology to Cut Household Costs

by:Fishcat     2020-04-25
These days devices that enable more control of our own lives -- and that of others -- are very common. The likes of smart phones are owned by millions in the developed world, with the number of owners only increasing as time goes by -- and why not? Why not own devices that make our lives easier, connect us more which each other and enable us a little more control in our busy lives? Smart phones may have paved the way, but the real intelligence lies in smart homes. With a growing emphasis on cutting down the cost of living, decreasing energy consumption, and also just simplifying life so we can make the most of it, home is the best place to get started. Home automation, the control of a large range of electrical and functional items in your home, through an internet connection, is what makes your home smart, and it is the way of the future. You can minimise your impact on the environment, and make use of the precious time you have outside of the office! So how can you use home automation to get your house under control and your energy bills lower? Lighting and electrical items Have you ever left the house knowing you've left something on that you shouldn't have? Worried about it all day and rushed home after work just to make sure the house hasn't burnt down as a result of your oversight? Automating your home means you never have to have that feeling again. All of your electricals, lighting and security can be controlled through one interface -- and switched on and off remotely. Not only can you make sure everything's off when it should be, you can switch the lights on when you're ten minutes from home after a late night at the office, or make sure it looks like someone's home when you're actually enjoying a great holiday. Heating Heating and air-conditioning your home can be very costly, especially when you consider the amount of time heating can be on to prepare the home for your arrival -- even though no one is there! How many times have you turned the heat on low and left it on all day just so the house isn't freezing when you get home? If you consider it might only take half an hour for your house to heat up, this can be a lot of wasted money. Automated heating enables you to turn your heating on remotely half an hour before you arrive home, so your house is warm, and your electricity or gas bill isn't a shock! Energy management The real advantage of automation is energy management software. The benefits gained through the ability to switch your electrical items or heating on as needed, as opposed to leaving them on, can be significant when your bills arrive. But more beneficial is being able to monitor your spending as you go through the quarter. Software like this, included in your automation system provides reporting that tells you which rooms use the most emery, and which items, and logs what you're using so you can determine how to best decrease your costs.
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