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Things Needed to Know before Buying Remote Control Curtains / Smart Curtains

Things Needed to Know before Buying Remote Control Curtains / Smart Curtains


We are living in a digital world where we use smart technologies to make life easier. We are getting smarter with more automation. You can take the example of your vehicle, TV, or refrigerator. All of these are now coming with smart technologies and more automation. Have you ever thought of automation of your curtains? Would you like to use remote control curtains? Yes, the time has come to even act smarter.


In the current condition, curtains serve more than one purpose. We are not using curtains to simply cover our windows. They can control the temperature, boost the curb appeal, and offer optimal lighting. However, if you are prepared to spend a bit more, you can expect more benefits by installing remote control curtains.


Are you confused? Do you want to know more about smart curtains? If yes, you are in the right place. In this article, we will help you to know more about smart curtains. At the same time, we will also discuss the features that you can consider while buying remote control curtains.


What Is A Smart Curtain?

Traditional and smart curtains have some similar features. They serve some basic purposes. The key difference is the automation. Once you have installed smart curtains, you will not have to be bothered about pulling those ropes to open or close the drape. The automated curtains come with remote control. You can unfold or fold your curtain with a single press on your remote control. You can access it through your smartphone. Some come with a voice command to offer optimal convenience.


You can schedule remote control curtains monthly to ensure easy operating. This feature can help you most when you are not around. Also, smart curtains come with a simple design. These are available in different sizes and types to create a suitable option for modern buyers. You can get some affordable options. However, it is important to know the features that you should look into remote control curtains to make a smart decision.


How to Choose the Best Smart Curtains

Needless to mention, there are different types of smart curtains. The features will vary depending on the type of remote control curtains you are buying. However, you can expect the remote control feature in all smart curtains. Here are the details of some features you should go through.


Type of Blinds

There are automatic, semi-automatic, and non-automatic blinds. Automatic blinds demand less human intervention. These are designed to make decisions on their own depending on temperature conditions. They can regulate the temperature automatically and also prevent the lights to enter inside. Yes, you are going to spend more on this option. Semi-automatic curtains come with some automation. But they cannot control the temperature automatically. You will have to schedule them for easy operation. Non-automatic curtains will demand more human intervention. There will be no automation. You can use the remote control to control your smart curtains remotely. These are three types and all of them come with some specific features. You just need to know your budget and preferences to find the suitable one.


Curb Appeal & Enhanced Security

All remote control curtains come with an eye-catching design. You will find many of them extremely alluring. These smart curtains can beautify your place. For this, you will have to consider other designs in your home. Make sure that the curtain has all the security features to prevent the preying eyes to enter inside. Some of them are well-designed to ensure the optimal security of your home. They will be automatically closed as scheduled. That will protect your home in your absence. If you are looking for enhanced security, you can choose the one that comes with full automation.

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As stated earlier, remote control curtains are available in a wide size range and designs. Therefore, it is important to know your window size to get the right one. The size of your window will decide the size of your curtain. You can simply measure the window size and then only you can consider the design. This is one of the prime requirements.


Easy Installation

The installation will vary depending on the type of remote control curtains. When some of them are super easy to install, others might take longer. Also, the wrong installation will affect the performance and longevity of your curtains. For easy installation, you can buy pre-assembled curtains.


Voice Control

Some smart curtains come with a voice control feature. If you are not prepared to use your remote control always, you can consider this option. You will love the easy operation and smooth functioning. When some smart curtains feature pre-built voice command, some are designed to be compatible with plug-ins and they can obey your voice commands as well. Know the feature and then only decide.



If you are looking for improved performance, you can choose the one that features integration. You can simply integrate your remote control blind with a smart-hub. This voice command will certainly boost the performance of your curtains.

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Now you know the features that you need to go through while buying a remote control blind. All these features are important to ensure improved performance and a durable result. However, you can expect the best outcome if you buy from a reliable and experienced manufacturer. If you are looking for such a manufacturer,, Fishcat, is worth considering.


Why Is Fishcat Worth Considering?

Fiscat has a good reputation in the industry for manufacturing quality and advanced smart remote control curtains. This manufacturer can help you with high-reliability and highly reliable automated curtains. All of them are designed to offer smooth operation and boost the energy efficiency of your home. You will find many options to choose from.


Wrapping Up

What are you waiting for? Reward your home with remote control curtains and set an example. These curtains will beautify your home while protecting it from trespassers’ eyes. Choose the right manufacturer and if you possible go with the customized options to get the best fit. Fishcat will take all your unique preferences into account to convert your dream project into a reality.

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