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the real cost of setting up a smart home

by:Fishcat     2020-02-25
So you\'re thinking about building a smart home.
You want to say \"Alexa, turn off the lights\" or \"Alexa, lock the door\" and do it all without standing up from the recliner.
Good idea, right?
No problem, but you have to pay for it.
According to the purchase of the item, try to install the item, then give up, and then pay someone else the cost of the installation, USA Today estimates that the cost of starting to use smart lighting is more than $2,000, doorbell, lock, thermostat and security guard.
This is a deal compared to the choice a few years ago.
Then, if you want a smart home, you have to go to a company like control 4, Crestron or Vivint for home safety, lighting, etc.
In addition to the purchase price, these companies also work with dealers to install and charge some monthly subscription fees.
Vivint, for example, says the price of service art is $39.
$99 a month, nearly $500 a year.
The beauty of the times we live in is that you can now order the product you want from the shelves and install it yourself. Maybe.
If you are really good at screwdriver and potential wiring.
If not, you can hire a lower one.
Cost services companies like Hello Tech, the geek team at Best Buy, even hire Amazon to send professionals.
Let\'s list what you might want and choose some of the most common intelligence --
Household goods: ringtone video doorbell, show you who is at the door, let you answer anytime, anywhere. Price: $200.
Smart locks from companies like Home and Schlage in August for opening doors with your phone or via Alexa.
Price: ranging from $200 to $300. Smart lights.
Plug in the base to talk to the bulb, then plug the bulb into the regular socket.
Price: Philips\'s starter kit costs about $150.
Nest thermostat, which can be controlled from anywhere.
You can reduce or increase the temperature at home when you get off work.
Price: latest, third
The nest is priced at $249.
Smart garage door opener to monitor who is in and out through the app.
Price: $99 from Nexx garage.
Canary security, which offers video, siren and alarm on the Internet: $170.
Amazon Echo at the end, you will want an Echo, Amazon\'s connected speakers, control all of these devices and play music as needed to tell you the latest weather and news.
Amazon has several Echo devices.
The product for home automation is called Echo Plus.
You can also use the Google Home speaker ($49. 99 and $129. 99)
Or Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant apps on your smartphone to control your home.
Price: $149 for Amazon EchoPlus.
So, your current price is $1,400, and you might want to add some outdoor lighting, like an active ring floodlight camera with two-
Call and alarm.
An additional $250, a total of $1650, was added to this end.
The difficult part is coming now.
These products belong to the DIY category.
You should install them.
The manufacturer makes it sound easy, but the truth is, that\'s not the case.
For example, my experience with smart locks in August is that smart locks are designed to fit the frame of your existing door lock and communicate with your phone and/or connected speakers.
I screwed down the two screws that were locked.
What I can\'t do is pull the existing lock out of the door and replace it in August.
I did what I suspected many people would do: I gave up.
This series of events is why Amazon now offers many devices with installation capabilities.
Add around $100 to the smart lock purchase to get Geek Squad, Amazon or Amazon subsidiaries
Contractors like Hello Techinstall install a latch on the door, drill holes and cuts, install linlinder, thumb height and panel, and install a crash plate on the door frame.
The installation cost of the five units discussed here is about $100 (
No help required for Canary or Echo Plus)
That\'s how I got $2,150.
While it may be a little lower, there are cheaper options on some products, such as smart locks.
It\'s fun to chat with Alexa, but are you worth it twice?
It\'s a big decision, but again, the great thing about this point in time is that you don\'t have to do it right away.
Buy Echo Plus and plug in the bulb and you have smart home now.
No installation issues.
After all, even if I can plug in the light bulb.
Getting doesn't have to be expensive, time-consuming, or difficult. It all comes down to the right method and a wifi plug socket smart socket in place.
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