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smart lights are the one smart home gadget for everyone

by:Fishcat     2019-12-30
Smart speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home are closer to reality than ever before, fulfilling the dream of a fully automatic smart home.
However, there is an open question: Do you even need a smart home?
You can get a video doorbell showing who is at the door.
But maybe people don\'t come to your door often.
You can buy a smart thermostat to adjust your air conditioner automatically.
But maybe your basic, programmable thermostat does a good job.
Most smart home gadgets, no matter how useful, tend to attract some people, but smart lights are another matter.
If you often move the lights off from the couch, or forget that you leave the lights in the room after a few hours, it\'s easy to imagine how smart lights can improve your life.
However, there are some key benefits here to stimulate your imagination.
If you read a tutorial on YouTube, you might have a new thermostat installed, but we believe you already know how to screw in the bulb.
The best smart lighting systems like Philips Hue and LIFX put all the important electronics in the bulb so you can continue to use the existing fixtures.
At Wirecutter, a product review site owned by the New York Times, senior editor Grant Clauser prefers Philips Hue not only because it is easy, but also because it is flexible and reliable.
\"I prefer Philips Hue in smart bulbs because it has a wide range of product ecosystems, including basic white bulbs, discolored bulbs, wireless dimmers, solar lights, and outdoor LED lights, he explained.
\"Hue lights require a Zigbee gateway that creates a more reliable mesh network in your house than the other smart bulb systems we use.
Amazon Echo Plus can do the same if you don\'t want to use the Hue gateway, and it also plays music and jokes that aren\'t good.
Philips Hue requires a smart hub that is relatively simple to install.
Insert the box into the wall and press a button when the app tells you that you can go.
The LIFX lights don\'t need hubs at all, though they\'re better than your Wi-Fi network.
For both, most of the setup process occurs in the app on the smartphone.
Since you don\'t need to modify your house to use them, you can have fun even if you rent r.
However, the most difficult part to start using smart lights is to change your light switch habits. For bulb-
Based on lights like LIFX, you need to turn on the light switch, which takes time to adapt.
Fortunately, Philips Hue provides a solution for this.
The smart dimming kit allows you to attach the switch to the wall and directly control the smart light.
The \"switch\" is actually a remote control that sticks to the wall with a magnet, so you can pull it down and use it from the couch if you want.
Using the traditional light switch, you can only turn your lights on and off from one room, maybe two places, only if you have free hands.
This is the inconvenience we learn to endure, but there is a better way to control the smart lights in addition to the phone.
When paired with sound
Smart Speaker control, smart lights reach another level.
Walking into a room, are your hands full?
Turn on the light with voice command.
Sitting on the couch trying to turn off the overhead lights?
Turn them off with voice commands.
Most importantly, once you are comfortable under the bed cover, you can climb into the bed and turn them off.
When you are liberated from the switch, it is clear how many sounds there are
Similarly, controlled lighting makes sense.
It even allows you to turn off the lights in the room you are not in.
In the past days, if you remember to leave the lights downstairs, you have to stop what you are doing, run down the stairs, flip the switch and trek again.
Have a cheap smart speaker in your bedroom
Even some voice assistants on the phone
You can control any light in your home without going anywhere.
If you want a little extra effort, sir.
Cluser also recommends automation of lighting tasks.
\"If you turn the lights on and off at about the same time every day, you can use smart lights to arrange these actions,\" he explains . \".
\"At dusk, I had the porch light --to-
Dawn schedule, the brightness of the lights automatically fades up and down as the day changes.
I also like to use motion sensors under smart lights, so when I walk into the room the lights turn on automatically and will turn off again after a set time without any action.
\"The app on your Philips Hue or LIFX phone can set a schedule, but if you want to turn on the lights automatically when you enter the room, you will need to purchase a motion sensor.
For example, Philips Shunhua sells its own products, or you can buy a slightly cheaper product through the Samsung SmartThings platform.
If you are lucky, the light switch at home may be wired with a dimming switch.
If not, the only option for you to dim the light is to pull the switch out of the wall and re-wire it, or call the person who is possible.
With smart bulbs, you can adjust the brightness or even change the color through your phone or voice commands, all without complicated installation. As Mr.
He pointed out that this gives you a high degree of flexibility in redecorating the house: \"I like to change the look of the room by changing the color of the lights,\" he said.
\"Sometimes during the holidays, I place the key lights in the corner and adjust the colors to suit the holidays.
On normal days I may adjust the shades of white to get a more relaxed or warmer feel and if I am doing something that needs more attention like cooking I will
\"You can also set up scenes for different activities in the app, such as the preferred colors and shades for reading, and different colors and shades for entertainment.
Sometimes you just want a room in red.
Since the LED bulb lasts for such a long time, using the standard white soft bulb, you will use this color for ten years or more. With a color-
Change the bulb and you can have a new look every time you turn on the smartphone app.
\"Using the same bright, rough lights at night as during the day can eliminate your circadian rhythm.
Here, smart lights can greatly improve your life.
You can set your lights to automatically darken or turn them off completely at night, or set them up to ease your other lights in the morning.
The cool, blue color matches the light of the Sun very well, the day is ideal, and the warm, orange color is more, such as the color emitted by incandescent lamps, very ideal for the evening.
Smart lights can automatically adjust the color temperature so your eyes are always comfortable and it\'s easier to sleep at night. Also, full-
Color bulbs provide extra fun for your home decor.
Do you need some Halloween decorations?
Highlight the lights as purple or orange for a ghostly spirit, then switch to a green and red color scheme as Christmas comes.
By pressing the button, you can change the look of your home without hanging any decorations.
Once you have smart lights in your home, it\'s easy to connect the thermostat, doorbell or even microwave to the Internet.
Even if you don\'t-
Believe us, you don\'t have-
Smart lights are useful to everyone.
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