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smart home technology: do you need smart devices in your home

by:Fishcat     2019-12-28
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You may have heard a lot about smart devices recently.
You can even buy smart refrigerators and other appliances that learn your behavior and adjust it automatically.
If there is a problem, they will send you an email or text message and call to fix it.
If you think your home is really stupid, then you might consider upgrading some appliances and other systems.
First of all, what is smart home? Smart home is defined as a smart home equipped with lighting, heating and other electronic devices that can be remotely controlled by mobile devices or other computers.
These devices are connected to the internet and send messages to you and their manufacturers to update their own firmware.
Smart devices will eventually learn some behaviors that can make you worry-free during maintenance and save some money.
Smart home can only give you peace of mind while you\'re away, allowing you to check the status of everything from a security alert, and an IP camera, or even if you turn off the coffee machine.
With smart home, you can quickly browse your smartphone or tablet and eliminate all these concerns.
You can connect the equipment and appliances at home so they can communicate with you.
Most of the energy you consume in your home comes from several appliances such as air conditioning/stove, washer and dryer, and refrigerator. [2]
Some companies have developed smart devices to help control these energy pigs.
Many newer appliances have green settings built in to control how much water and energy they use.
In recent years, there have been other devices on the market to effectively control the temperature, one of the best investments because they can reduce your heating and cooling energy consumption by 15% per month[1]
Google acquired the nest in January 20, 14 years, intelligent temperature control technology, there are a lot of attention.
So, what is the learning thermostat? How does it work? Nest thermostat credit: Google Nest Learning Thermostat is installed like a normal thermostat and connected to your air and heating
It also accesses the Internet via wireless connection to your router to keep itself in-to-
Date of weather information in your area and update its software if necessary.
As time goes by, you just have to install it and put in some target temperature and Nest will get to know your heating and cooling preferences so you don\'t have to program.
The fact is that while many people have programmable thermostats in their homes, many do not bother to save money by adjusting the heat or air in certain \"areas\" to properly set the thermostats.
Eventually, it will differentiate between work days and weekend patterns and adjust the temperature of your home based on whether you are at home in the morning or not.
It will know how long it will take for your heat or air unit to reach the target temperature based on past conditions.
Nest equipment took all of this from the homeowner\'s hands, so eventually you will get back a lot of upfront investment.
Yes, it\'s not cheap to learn technology.
You have to buy the Nest thermostat for $229.
Also, if you have a very large house with multiple layers, you may need to buy two for maximum energy saving.
Again, if you have a 5000 square foot house, $500 may not be a lot of money for you.
But for most homeowners, a device is fine.
You can control Nest via an Android or iOS app on your mobile device.
It provides a lot of useful information, such as the amount of energy you are using, or you can visit their website for details on how and when you are using the maximum energy.
Another smart device, known as a smart fan, is expected to improve air circulation in your home.
Nest Learning Thermostat, 2nd generation Amazon price: $249. 00 $191. 45 Buy Now(
Prices as of January 25, 2016)
What is smart fan Credit: haiqua smart fan works the same way as Nest thermostat. It has built-in Wi-
Internet access Fi to update yourself.
It is also equipped with motion detectors and sensors to detect heat and humidity.
One such device on the market is called Haiku, from a company called Big a $ Fans.
Yes, it\'s actually their name.
You can control the fan with an app for Android or iOS.
It allows you to remotely control the activities of the safety fan, or you can put it on learning and when you like it will learn the temperature you like.
It will even wake you up with a built-in alarm clock.
It controls the climate by using infrared sensors to monitor the temperature levels of the ceiling and floor.
For most homeowners, the problem with this smart fan is the price.
Sentence with SenseMe costs $1,045.
Are these devices worth paying? It\'s hard to imagine the average homeowner paying more than $1000 for a ceiling fan.
Over time, you can recover some of the costs by reducing the cost of energy, especially if paired with the Nest thermostat.
However, for a fan, it will take a few years to recover enough cost at this price, and I can only see the richness of this device in the market.
Looks great but I have to go through it now until they find a way to integrate all SenseMe technologies into a sub-system$200 fan.
The Nest thermostat is a different story.
Yes, $229 is still expensive, but you can save 15% on your monthly energy bill. [1]
In a year, you can see that if you have an unusually large household energy bill, it will take only a few years to get your money back, perhaps less.
Learn about and control your family suite (OLD VERSION)
Amazon price: $369. 00 Buy Now(
Prices as of January 25, 2016)
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