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smart home system pulls in the crowd at fair

by:Fishcat     2019-12-29
Dozens of buyers seize the opportunity to own Hill10 residential units in three hotels
Day StarProperty. my Fair 2017 i-City Edition.
Aireen Nadzleen Abdul Razak said that she passed through I-
Bhd for investment purposes.
\"I chose it because the location is good and the city is developing very well,\" she said . \".
My latest addition-
The city will sit above the DoubleTree by Hilton hotel with Internet accessof-Things (IoT)
Smart home system.
Wu onchun, from Johor, said he was attracted by the internet of things --ready homes.
\"I plan to turn this unit into a homestay.
The IoT system will help me monitor my devices from a distance, \"he added.
Jerry axiong Raj has been living nearby for 30 years, prompting him to invest in the properties of Shah Alam.
\"I like the fact that owners can control household appliances manuallyheld devices.
\"All the units are fully equipped so the owners can move in with their luggage,\" he added . \".
During the exhibition, Guan Guofu, senior business consultant of Huawei Technology, spoke about how the internet of things can help simplify and improve residents\' lives.
\"The Internet of Things focuses not only on security automation, but also on home monitoring, and 4 k video resolution can provide clearer images,\" she said . \".
Avance smart home Sdn Bhd marketing manager Alexandra R.
Kumaran highlighted the use of IoT smart home security systems.
\"Smart home technology can meet all needs, especially in terms of home safety, to add value to its own property,\" Kumaran said . \".
\"We have also introduced an SOS button for older people to use in an emergency, through which a notification will be sent to the smartphone to activate the camera,\" she added . \".
Other speakers included Ikhram merica, managing director of living space, Mark Chua, founder of the 925 group, and Tang Zhimeng, chief operating officer of the Henry Butcher.
This exhibition is organized by Star Media Group Bhd and I-
Bhd, in I-Gallery of i-City of Shah Alam
This event is also the second event featuring StarProperty. my Win A Home (W. A. H)
In this competition, buyers have the opportunity to win houses worth more than millions of ringgit in the 13 th district of Petaling Jaya.
Please log in to wah for details. starproperty.
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