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Smart home product features and services

by:Fishcat     2020-02-28
With the development of smart home in recent years, smart home products are gradually being used by everyone. Compared with ordinary home, smart home products not only have traditional home functions, but also provide efficient, energy-saving, comfortable and safe functions, making people's lives better and more convenient. Then everyone must not be very familiar with the home functions and services of intelligent furniture products. Let's take a look at them together! I. Intelligent network service: it is connected to the internet at any time and connects various devices through technical means, providing convenient conditions for office and home. II. Safety precautions: intelligent security can monitor the occurrence of illegal intrusion, fire, gas leakage and emergency call in real time. Once the alarm situation occurs, the system will automatically send an alarm message to the center, and at the same time start the relevant electrical appliances to enter the emergency linkage state, thus realizing active prevention. Third, the intelligent control and remote control of household appliances, such as scene setting and remote control of lighting, automatic control and remote control of electrical appliances, etc. 4. Interactive Intelligent Control: The voice control function of smart home appliances can be realized through voice recognition technology, and the active behavior response of smart home can be realized through various active sensors (Such as temperature, sound, action, etc)To achieve. Five, environmental automatic control: automatic control, can automatically control the ventilator, lighting device, timing work, do not need manual operation, reduce costs. Convenient home and staff. Six, provide all-round home entertainment: such as home cinema system and home central background music system. Seven, intelligent kitchen and bathroom: mainly refers to intelligent cabinets, intelligent toilet mats, etc. The Function of intelligent cabinets is to link electric doors, electric pumps, LED hand sweep induction lamps, etc, the function of the intelligent toilet mat is to monitor the physical condition and physical data of the elderly going to the toilet to prevent risk factors. Convenient for women and the elderly. 8. Automatic maintenance function: Intelligent Information appliances can automatically download and update drivers and diagnostic programs directly from the manufacturer's service website through the server to realize intelligent fault self-diagnosis and automatic expansion of new functions. Summary: smart home products have entered our daily life. We should experience intelligence and convenience with our heart to provide convenience for our better life. The above is the introduction of the functions and services that smart home products can realize. Article Source: http://www . qianjia. com/zhike/201905/141627312570. HTML
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