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seven sensors and a smart home

by:Fishcat     2019-12-31
Sensors are increasingly entering our homes in order to provide and implement the concept of automated smart homes.
With the start of device certification projects such as Apple HomeKit, the concept is supported.
New smart home-
Hardware startup-
Up Notion is on the market and aims to put an app in people\'s pockets and send automatic reports about what\'s going on in your country.
The manufacturer of Loop Labs has set up a HomeKit compatible sensor network that can be placed around your home for you to detect events at home, including opening the door, lights on/off, fire alarm off, the washing machine leaks, the refrigerator loses its cool, and also, how much gas is left in your BBQ propane tank!
Each device has sensors that can be used to detect and report various events, allowing you to tailor the functionality of your system to your home and lifestyle.
You can also select the number of sensor units to purchase and customize each sensor unit according to a specific task.
There is an adhesive on the back of the sensor that can be used to stick them to almost any surface.
You can customize the functions of these sensors with the help of supporting applications.
The manufacturer also provides an API to increase the interest of third-party developers in expanding the scope of the device.
Each concept contains seven sensors-accelerometer, gyro, ambient light sensor, piezoelectric sensor, leak probe, temperature sensor and proximity sensor.
The sensor sends the data to the wall-
Connect to the installation hub unit of the home Wi-Fi and send the data to the cloud platform of Notion for processing and storage.
The technology used for connection is less power than Wi-Fi uses, so the daily operation efficiency is enough to make the battery of each sensor last for two years under normal use.
This smart home ring road has a cloud platform.
So if you care about privacy then the cloud element is a requirement, so the concept may not be for you.
AES claims to use AES-
Secure encrypted data transfer for sensor chat.
But if you don\'t like anyone having sensor-based information about your home environment and know when you are at home and when to go out, then concepts and devices like this don\'t work for you.
There is a price for this device.
The cost of the most basic unit consisting of a concept Bridge and a sensor is about $129.
If you want to install three sensors on the bridge, then you have to pay $199 and 10 sensors with the bridge will cost you $439.
These sensors are very useful when you are not at home and have to leave pets, children or old people at home.
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