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Saving Energy at Home With Smart Appliances

by:Fishcat     2020-04-23
Like many other things in life, saving energy also begins at home. There are many ways of reducing consumption and monitoring the use of energy. For example, one can reduce consumption by manually limiting electricity wastage by switching of electronics devices when they are not in use. Also, one can divide usage into important consumption and less important consumption and avoid less important consumption when possible. Smart appliances for home use take the concept of saving energy a step further. Smart appliances provide users the option to save energy automatically, check consumption remotely, and help them with time-of-use programs. Implementation of smart grid technologies is taking place all over the world. By deployment of technologies like the smart/advanced meter, utilities will be able to provide users with lower rates at off-peak hours. An example of a smart home energy management program is General Electric's pilot in Louisville. GE has provided participants with smart appliances that receive notification from the utility company's smart meter, alerting both the users and appliances about when peak prices are in effect. The appliances will avoid consuming energy at that time or operate on a lower wattage. The users will still be able to change the settings of the appliance. LG is another company involved in developing smart home appliances. The smart grid is central to its LG THINQ technology. LG's smart refrigerators, for example, can enable consumers to save money at peak hours by adjusting different functions, such as defrost time control. The company's Smart Access allows remote monitoring and control of home appliances. It enables consumers to use a smartphone or tablet PC to, for instance, set their refrigerator temperature from the office. The company plans on offering soon a HOM-BOT robotic vacuum cleaner that allows users to remotely clean their home, monitor their home, and even feed their pet.
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