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Situated in Chaoyang District, Beijing, Huaxia Shenghe International Consulting Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of electrical equipment & supplies.  We are mainly engaged in the business of various kinds of smart home automation devices like Tubular motor, Curtain motor, WIFI light bulb, WIFI remote control, WIFI smart socket, Smart Power Strip, Smart junction box, WIFI LED controller. Fishcat smart home system has been certified by various qualifications.

Fishcat has advanced production technology and outstanding production capability. Products produced by Fishcat have many advantages such as stable performance, high quality, and favourable prices. Based on superb production technology, we can design and produce all kinds of electric equipment according to customers' needs in a short period of time and we also guarantee timely delivery. We can provide customers with efficient ODM/OEM services. Best home automation manufacturer provides smart home solutions.


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The smart home can be defined as a target or a system. By using advanced computer, network communication, automatic control and other technologies, various application subsystems related to family life are organically combined together to make family life more comfortable, safe, effective and energy-saving through comprehensive management. Compared with ordinary homes, smart homes not only have traditional living functions, but also provide comfortable, safe, energy-efficient and highly humanized living space. Intelligent home system optimizes people's life style, help people to arrange time effectively, save energy costs, etc.


Shengshi Huaneng International Consulting Co., Ltd, is specialized in manufacturing smart home products for a smart home system, such as tubular motor, WiFi wireless remote control smart socket, smart home security cameras, WiFi digital electronic door lock, remote control, WiFi light bulb for lighting automation etc. We can share home automation ideas with our customers and custom the smart home devices according to requirements. 


We already have many successful smart home automation project for customers globally. Welcome to contact us on home automation devices, with which will open a new world for you, much more covenient, saving time & saving energy.

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◆ Professional R&D and Design Capability;
◆ Rapid Prototyping: 3~5 days of prototyping time;
◆ Products are certified under MFi;
◆ High-Efficient and Timely Delivery;
◆ Cost-Effective Solution;
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