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Principle and function of WiFi smart socket

by:Fishcat     2020-02-29
The smart socket is different from the previous sockets. In addition to the power interface, it also has a USB interface and a WIFI connection device, which allows users to control home appliances through a variety of intelligent ways and open a new era of remote control home appliances. This article will introduce the control principle and circuit diagram of WiFi socket, and also introduce a deeper understanding of Smart Socket through its function. First, the Smart Socket, like the traditional socket, can act as a charger for household appliances and mobile digital devices. It has 5 V/1A interface and USB interface for standard household appliances, the two interfaces can be controlled separately by switches. The smart socket is set with charging protection function, and will automatically power off when the equipment is full. Second, the smart socket can set the timing switch for the home appliance, not only save electricity and save money, but also save time for the user. Everyone sets the boot time for the bread maker, coffee maker, egg boiler, etc. , so that there is a delicious breakfast waiting for us in the morning. Third, smart sockets can remotely control TV sets, curtains, stereos, garages, etc. through mobile phone applications such as WeChat. Mobile device APP remote control should be the biggest feature of smart plug, and it is also part of the development and progress of smart home system in the future. At present, smart plug can only realize some human-computer interaction functions. With the mobile APP tool, users can easily move their fingers no matter how far away they are to complete the operation of turning on air conditioners, electric kettles, electric cookers, etc. Fourth, the smart socket has built-in sensors that can monitor the light, temperature, humidity, household electricity consumption and other data in the environment. Fifth, the smart socket can also enhance the WIFI signal through the wireless module in the socket as a relay. In addition, in the dark night, the smart socket can also act as a small night light to ensure the lighting of the bedroom and other spaces. Soon after the launch of Smart Socket products, there are still many defects in the products. For example, the size of the smart socket is too large. Now there are many kinds of smart sockets that are sold in circles and squares, but the size and thickness are too large. In the multi-function socket, it occupies the position of two interfaces, and the nearby interface is also mercilessly blocked. If users want to have other extended functions, they can choose products with multiple functions such as induction and environmental monitoring; If the pursuit of fashion appearance, you can choose a small, colorful variety of products. The WiFi socket consists of a serial port WiFi module, a relay control circuit, a relay and an output contact, as shown in Fig. 2. Fig. 2: Composition of WiFi smart socket serial port WiFi module controls the on-off of relay according to the received control instruction, and the control circuit is shown in Fig. 3. Figure 3: The relay control circuit module of the WiFi socket receives the closing command, the PC8 port outputs a high level, Q1 is turned on, the relay coil has current flowing through, and the relay contact L_IN and contact L_OUT are closed, the socket supplies power to the load; The module receives the disconnect command, the PC8 port outputs a low level, Q1 is turned off, the relay coil has no current, the relay contact L_IN and contact L_OUT are disconnected, and the socket is powered off. C
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