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now, a smart home - entertainer, security guard, housekeeper all in one

by:Fishcat     2020-02-26
James Billington, director of smart home solutions, has built a system that can entertain you, protect your family and save your money by saving energy.
Have you ever thought about having a home that can work under the buttons that your wish might achieve.
James Billington, director of smart home solutions, has built a system that can entertain you, protect your family and save your money by saving energy.
\"When families add systems that work together to make life easier, they get the\" smart \"tab,\" news. com.
Au quoted Billington as saying.
\"The systems owned by the 21 st century family are all part of a structured cabling system, so they are integrated and controlled by a control panel, rather than too much individual control,\" he said . \".
The best part is
Affordable price.
The custom electronics design and installation Association said: \"for ordinary people, these products themselves are becoming more and more affordable (CEDIA)
Stephen Miller, executive director
\"You can go back 10 years and the lighting control is for the elite only.
\"The price is affordable now,\" he added . \".
The home theater can be opened with just one button without the need for a remote control
Control juggling performances
Lighting can be dynamically used for various purposes-
Create the atmosphere, focus on the items at home or illuminate the road. A common smart-
Home Lighting mode is called \"Welcome Home\"
If you open the door, it can illuminate the living room or bedroom, or turn off the lights of the whole house when you are ready to sleep --
Gently press the button beside the bed.
The integrated security system allows the homeowner to check the camera on any TV at home, whether it\'s monitoring the front or back doors, or kids or pets outside.
These security systems can also respond to emergencies.
In the presence of intruders or other signs of danger, the owner can activate the panic mode of turning on the lights, place them in flash mode, and lock parts of the home or mobile phones, neighbors or security guards.
Homeowners can also save power by setting the lighting to a brightness of 80 cents, allowing the bulb to last longer, or can install a solar system to avoid using the grid.
Most importantly, these systems are suitable for old houses that traditionally do not have wireless configuration or cabling systems.
\"If you are cutting the wall, you need to polish and repaint it.
There are some obvious expenses, but, yes, that\'s what can be done, \"said Bilington.
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