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Network - Centralization In a Smart Home

by:Fishcat     2020-04-19
This article will reveal information that can help one harmoniously organize the networks following the ideal model of networking in a smart home. How to fit together physically the networks and how the equipment can be located in a single or two places in the house are also things to be dealt with. First of all, let's identify the major components of the home infrastructure. It may consist of the following networks: * an electrical network; * a phone network; * a security network; * an intercom (internet computer) network; * an entertainment network. It is not necessarily that a home has all these types of networking. In the past, each of the mentioned kinds of networks required specific cables, but now the twisted double cable is often commonly used for all of them. The possibility that two or more different networks do the same thing within a home raises difficulties when thinking about networking. This is why you have to think of the process from three points of view: * Physical configuration: it refers to the equipment, the cables, connections that make up the physical aspects of the network. * Logical configuration: to visualize each network as a whole structured after the star model, where cables meet at a single junction point, similarly to the spokes of a wheel that unify at the hub. * Applications: it relates to the function, the purpose of each network and implies summing all the required connections. Building home networks in an efficient way involves thinking the whole process backwards, that is from the finite result, then from the analysis of each individual network and its layout to the incipient stage of cables, connectors and specific hardware components. This way you can discover possibilities to save money because two networks can prove to transmit over the same in-wall cables. Although in today's home the networks are quite independent in what their function and set of cables and wires are concerned, they have several interconnection points which make them behave like a somewhat unified network. The interconnection points of these networks result from: * the media shared to carry different kinds of signals (e.g. telephone wiring can carry telephone service and data networking); * the existence of a device that connects to several networks (e.g a DSS satellite receiver is connected to both video and data networks); * common incoming service provider feeds for multiple networks (e.g. a company that carries out telephone, Internet and cable services). All this information aims at giving a clue on how to minimize the presence of useless and redundant cables around the house.
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