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more smart home products for the holiday season

by:Fishcat     2019-12-30
Many consumers don\'t think they are technology.
Savvy, it can be particularly difficult to find a great technical gift for family members in this rapidly changing product environment.
My mission is to reveal the best smart solutions in the market.
A few weeks ago, I introduced in detail five smart home solutions worth considering for this holiday (see here).
Today, I continue to cover another round of great tech gift ideas.
As I mentioned earlier, Ooma Butterfleye stands out from other security cameras with dozens of smart security cameras on the market
Most of them are not very different from each other. While Wi-Fi-
Based on the increasing popularity of security cameras, they are vulnerable to AC power cuts (
Storm or other culprit).
Ooma Butterfleye eased the problem by being able to provide an internal battery with power for about 30 days (
Under normal conditions of use).
In addition, it integrates storage, allowing users to upload video files to the cloud after re-establishing an Internet connection.
Butterfleye is designed in black or white and is definitely modern and doesn\'t look like a traditional surveillance camera.
1080 p resolution of the camera by having 120-
Degree vision.
Most importantly, the camera offers 2-
The way audio and sound are detected.
It can distinguish between pets and humans, known faces and strangers, as well as loud and subtle sounds.
The 16 gb model costs $200 and the 32 gb model costs $250.
Ooma provides consumers with large propertiesCamera package.
In line with the vast majority of surveillance cameras on the market with cloud components, Ooma requires cloud subscriptions to take advantage of facial recognition and duplex audio capabilities.
An integrated GPS with a smartphone also requires a subscription, which lets Butterfleye know if you are at home or out of town.
Ooma\'s home security options provide you with 30 days of storage for $10 a month ($120 per year)
It\'s really a bit expensive in my opinion.
I am happy with the design and availability of the iOS app (
This is obviously the same as the Android version).
I found the video feed of the app very clear and distorted --free. The 120-
The degree lens gives you a very wide viewing angle, and while you can\'t pan the camera, you can zoom in on specific areas of the video by pinching.
Like the lighthouse solution I like so much, Ooma uses \"smart alerts\" to determine what it thinks is happening in its view.
In my weekend test, it successfully identified different faces in my home (
Classify them as \"familiar\" and \"unfamiliar \")
, It also reminded me when pets were found.
Butterfleye stands out in the market with its integrated back
Battery and smart alarm.
The product has clear appearance, excellent video quality and convenient use.
Cloud subscriptions are a bit expensive, but in general Butterfleye is one of the best \"smart\" video surveillance cameras on the market.
YEELIGHT light strip Plus will light up smart light bars for your home?
YEELIGHT Lightstrip Plus is probably exactly what it is.
LED light strips have recently been popular with consumers as they are safe, easy to use, and very energy efficient --efficient. Selling at $39. 99, the 6.
The 5 feet YEELIGHT light strip Plus is more expensive than the traditional light strip (
Minimum $10 on Amazon).
However, the smart features embedded in the YEELIGHT solution are really interesting to start.
The yeelight led light bar features integrated voice control to work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
You can select any color from its 16 million palette, turn it on and off, and even adjust the brightness.
You can also use its Google Android or Apple iOS app to select the preset \"scene \"(
Blue to orange or night light to highlight, for example). The 6. 5-
The foot strap can be extended to 33 feet with 3 feet expansion kits (priced at $9. 99 each).
I was deeply impressed by the quality of the lamp strip.
It has tape on the back and is easy to fit on furniture, tables or any smooth surface.
It also has a waterproof rating of 65.
Its voice control function is very useful for dressing up a room or providing emotional lighting.
I didn\'t find the YEELIGHT smart app hard to use and I appreciate the ability to adjust brightness, color temperature, flow mode, continuous color changes and timer settings. At $39.
99, this is an affordable and fun solution that will enliven the festive decorations of anyone.
CZUR Aura is not your typical scanning scanner function, has been providing consumers with more than 20 years of service, popular in today\'s many
Function Printer.
A problem with a typical tablet or document feeder --
However, scanner-based is the difficulty for them to scan oversized documents (
More than 11 \"X 17 \")and books. The CZUR Aura (priced at $179)
Designed to meet this niche needs.
It is an upright scanner, so it takes up less space than a traditional flat-panel scanner.
When you need a scan, you need space to place a large scan mat, but it can be folded up when not in use.
The czar\'s aura is mainly from high
Good quality plastic with rubber bottom.
It has an industrial, stylish look with a button/Dial with LED lights on the base.
The Halo looks a bit like a normal desk lamp, which is actually a desk lamp when not used for scanner functions.
Since most consumers will use this scanner to scan multiple pages from bound books, it includes a USB pedal to speed up the scanning process.
Azur also comes with side lights that help reduce glare on smooth materials.
I found the software suite that came with Aura to be very useful, intuitive and flexible.
The app can not only scan flat documents, photos, books and graphics, but also 3D objects (
While you do need to tell the app what is being scanned).
The software has the capability of automatic edge detection, bending scan correction, and \"flattening\" pages from the book (
All very helpful features bring a better scanning experience).
The software also has 5 different color modes, an integrated editor for fine image processing
Tune and be able to save files in a unified PDF.
While CZUR Aura is not what I recommend to typical consumers, it will find a useful place in law firms, small businesses, schools, government offices, and other places where books and oversized document scans are really needed.
Check out is worth it.
Please continue to pay attention to more excellent smart home recommendation. We still have a few weeks before the holiday.
I will post another round of product suggestions, including one of the most affordable smart TVs I have the opportunity to evaluate, and a new cut
Edge home printer. Stay tuned!
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