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Keyless Door Locks

by:Fishcat     2020-05-10
Keyless entry systems can make life a lot easier, but like all technology they can also make it a nightmare. Anything electronic always has the potential to fail, whether it is related to a product defect or user error. In the following I will talk about the importance of mechanical backups to keyless entry systems you may install for security. The most popular form of cheap, effective security in the home or business is the keyless door lock. It provides a great increase in security as well as the convenience of not having to carry a key or distribute them to the appropriate people. However, nothing is worse than putting time and money into a system and then having to call a locksmith (more time and money) if it malfunctions. Often times these products will come with a warranty that covers malfunction, but the warranty will not cover the time, hassle, or money that the locksmith costs if you need to enter your property right away. So what should you do? It is simple really; if you buy a lock that is running on battery or electric make sure to install (or instruct the provider to install) a manual backup system. This is typically just a keyhole that has a unique shape and other safety measure that make them nearly impossible to pick. Don't worry; you are not compromising the security or your property by having this manual backup installed on your lock. As I said, they are not standard key locks that some thief will be able to pick. Also, if you have purchased a model that does not need a power source, you should still have a backup. The inner workings of such a lock can still malfunction and cause you to be locked out. The backup is again just a keyhole with increased security features. Keep in mind that often times a backup system is included in your purchase, especially when you buy from a reputable retailer. However it is something to keep in mind and look for when you are shopping around. There is a possibility that it will cost extra and I would strongly recommend that you get it. Keep the key somewhere safe though, because it will be no fun if you have a backup that is useless until the manufacturer ships you a new one (probably 2-4 weeks of no fun).
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