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is your house safe? how to build a hack-proof smart home

by:Fishcat     2020-01-02
Hacking is happening from an election year email leak to a smart home that monitors homeowners.
It has recently been reported that US intelligence agencies have developed secret technology to turn mobile phones and televisions to attack users.
The unwanted invasion of our digital lives through our network
Connected Devices
It\'s never been as hot as it is now.
Coupled with the general atmosphere of paranoia, with the support of this government\'s allegations
Family espionage activities, you can understand why modern homeowners consider the types of smart home security, IT products.
We are here to provide peace of mind through some useful practices and products that will protect your \"always online\" family from the evil elements of the Internet . . . . . . At least in the next six.
When the latest, not-yet-hack-
Proof that the equipment enters your home, or the CIA finds out how to turn the stove into a monitoring device, whichever comes first.
We should clarify from the beginning: Unless your name is Hillary Clinton, or you are someone else who is highly connected, 99.
9% of smart home hackers do only one thing. your money.
This means targeting devices that contain your credit card information, connecting to devices that contain your credit card information, or devices that may prompt you to provide credit card information.
Whatever their goal is
Maybe they just want a delicious pecan pie from your mother)
The steps of defeat will-
Hackers remain the same.
Keep your device-to-date.
Although it seems like an ordinary process, it is full of the most sleep --
Induce the law and make sure every one of you is online
The connected device is running the latest version of firmware, which is the first and best defense against intrusion.
Hackers take advantage of minor flaws in the code to control the device or get information.
Developers solve these problems with subsequent updates
That\'s why you might find a lot of frequent or regular updates to your favorite apps and devices, as well as some minor updates.
Once the security risk is denied, the hacker will target users who use the old version of the firmware when they go to the lab to handle the latest round of code.
In addition to keeping the firmware up to date, regular password updates are also a positive defense against smart home hacking.
Hackers seeking information, finance, or other information want to sit on your network for as long as possible --
This means they will leave a small digital footprint and cover every secret action they take.
Update the input code to the password on a regular basis-
Protection products and services (like Wi-Fi networks)
, You can lock any break-in that takes root in your system.
These protections are certainly not the most exciting activities of your day (we hope)
So it raises a question.
How do you remember to enact them?
We recommend hiring Todoist (free;
Premium features for $29/year), a top-rated to-
A simple to do list appto-
Use an interface that keeps you working-to-
Date with something on your plate a few months or years in advance.
Better yet, Todoist is paired with smart home centers like Google home and Amazon\'s Echo so you can do today\'s tasks like \"check for Alexa updates, \"Read it to you in a soothing synthetic sound.
As for tracking your past
Evolving passwords, apps like Dashlane (free;
Advanced features for $40), Keeper (free;
$10 Advanced Features)and 1Password (free;
$10 Advanced Features)
Even if you lose your smart device, it will securely store your information and protect it.
Our suggestion is Dashlane, which will automatically generate a new password for the waiter you are connecting to, if needed, and will allow you to back up-
Upload your information to the cloud and sync passwords across devices.
You will want to use more if possible
Factor certification for your device. With multi-
Factor authentication, user sending assistance, automatic
Generate a password by email or text before they can access the desired product or service. Multi-
Factor authentication is far better than standard password protection-the auto-
The code is different every time it is generated and hackers need to access many of your accounts to take advantage of it.
Finally, make sure your device remains separate. Most modern Wi-
Settings are provided by the Fi router-
Multiple networks.
Since most hackers want to access your financial information and want to go through your Wi-
Fi network, only IoT products that keep you less secure, such as your Wi-
On a separate home network, the Fi-connected coffee machine is connected to a device (such as a laptop and phone) that contains your most important information.
There is only such a large virtual alert capability to protect human products.
That\'s why the smartest of us designed a half.
There is no need for sleep or food-aware services for our smart home security.
Here are the preferred options for automatic protection arranged in descending order in device style: Norton Core, Cujo, and BitDefender BOX.
Smart home security system from left to right: Norton Core, Cujo, BitDefender box these products all have many security features such as anti-defensevirus and anti-
Malware protection and protection for all connected devices.
Cujo focuses more on \"machine learning \"--
Discover the behavior of the device you are connected to and prevent the operation that deviates from that path.
Norton Core is a security system. slash-Wi-
Looks like a WiFi router hybrid for a home with a ground wire-but stylish.
Core, in addition to the high commitmentspeed Wi-
The Fi service is important to family members-
Friendly and user friendly
Friendly, in addition to the security protocol, it also provides a simple interface and a large number of parental controls for the device you connect.
The core also provides users with a \"safety score\" to let suburban dads know the most competitive criteria. For our money (and yours)
The best is the BitDefender BOX. The simple-to-set-
The Up BOX constantly monitors every device connected to the home network, whether they are villains, visitors or valued family members, and provides
Click on the solution sent directly to the smart device to start any evil network type immediately.
Also, by the time of the year, the boxto-
Annual subscription, will be equipped with defense for each device on your network
Virus software, which stops malware when it tries to take root.
Better yet, the box has your back as you venture into the real world.
BOX runs all home network connections via VPN (
Virtual private network
Protect you from bad actors and plagues
A level virus that may be lurking on public Wi-Fi networks.
The box will identify any devices it identifies that may be compromised and isolate them from devices connected to other networks and use real-
Time machine learning to solve new and different threats.
Finally, BitDefenders BOX will continue to maintain the best practices we outlined above --
Check the strength of the password and the firmware version of various devices and identify any other backup
Hackers may use the door method to get your information.
It\'s like the Wild West of the world.
The World Wide Web, so be prepared and give yourself a chance to remember: never trust anyone who claims to be the Prince of Nigeria.
More information from MansionGlobal. com.
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