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Is Smart Home Security Dangerous ?

Is Smart Home Security Dangerous ?


Now, with the maturity of artificial intelligence technology, smart home devices have entered thousands of households, and the convenience and efficiency brought by it is worthy of recognition. However, everything has two sides. Technically speaking, there is no absolute security in this world. Therefore, how to apply technology to better protect safety is important.

Smart home security is dangerous ?

Home automation devices are not only include a camera, but also smart switches, smart sockets, smart lighting, smart security and other equipment. The endless stream of smart homes brings convenience and convenience, but it also raises concerns about safety. After surveying 700 households, it was found that safety and comfort are the top priorities when considering the introduction of smart home devices in general households.

At present, the smart home field is mainly faced with four major security threats: stealing user files and data through hidden activities such as vulnerabilities or automatic installation of software; interfering with the normal activities of specific enterprises or individuals through Internet attacks; attacking the interconnected Internet of Things platform Expand the scope of influence; spread zombies to turn smart devices into hijacked tools.

Blockchain technology brings new hope

The seemingly smart home is so vulnerable to hacker attacks? Where is the effective response? Blockchain technology may provide solutions to smart home security issues.

Compared with the controversial bitcoin, the blockchain technology behind it is believed to change the future of the world. The blockchain is like a database account book, which records all transaction records. The characteristics of the blockchain to keep all transaction records so that no one can falsify them. To put it simply, a blockchain is a machine that creates trust, a safe and credible safe that allows people who do not trust each other to happily exchange information and exchange value without the coordination of an authoritative intermediary agency change. This safe and convenient feature is gradually gaining attention from the banking and financial industries.

How does blockchain technology protect user privacy?

Taking the leaking of privacy incidents of smart home security cameras as an example, if blockchain technology is used, it may be avoided. "Using blockchain technology can facilitate the establishment of trust between each node of the Internet of Things, that is, it can make the mutual authentication between the user and the camera, and even each node of the Internet of Things becomes more convenient. Of course, this requires further research and development related The application system, starting with the system and usage management, can guarantee the safety of the smart home and protect user privacy."


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