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Intelligent products for fire safety control system

by:Fishcat     2020-03-28
According to relevant research, among all fire-fighting products, those with development potential in the future are generally hot-selling products now, indicating that popular fire-fighting products are both now and in the future, are the main body of market demand. With the progress of science and technology and the linkage of fire safety control systems, the future intelligent development of products is the general trend. Fire safety control system linkage force linkage control system is to carry out personnel evacuation, linkage of fire extinguishing equipment and provide linkage signals to other systems after fire alarm, ensure the safe operation of production equipment and the personal safety of operators. The system joint control meets the national design specification for automatic fire alarm system and the general technical requirements for fire control linkage control equipment. ◇, It is linked with the sound amplification and intercom system. This system is connected and linked with the sound amplification and intercom system of Anqing refining and chemical integration project. When the fire alarm controller receives the on-site alarm signal, it realizes linkage through the amplification intercom system. It passes through the dry contact mode (Switch Signal) Send the alarm signal to the amplification and intercom system, carry out linkage operation after being recognized by the amplification and intercom system, and use the alarm/voice generator in the amplification and intercom system to broadcast in the device area to evacuate personnel. ◇, Water spray and fire monitor are linked together. After receiving the alarm signal from the on-site fire detector or sensor and confirming, the fire alarm controller starts the on-site water spray control valve or the fire monitor in the inflammable and explosive device area. The fire alarm controller sets an Independent address to monitor each control valve, fire monitor and pressure switch. Any water flow indicator, fire monitor and control valve will display its corresponding position on the fire alarm controller. ◇ Gas fire extinguishing controller the gas fire extinguishing controller communicates with the fire alarm controller through the communication interface. The latter automatically controls the former and displays the status information of the former, with delay countdown, time and date display, and can also be manually sprayed or suspended. ◇, Fire prevention, smoke exhaust and air supply Linkage Center laboratory has fire prevention, smoke exhaust and air supply fire fighting equipment. After the fire alarm controller receives the alarm signal and gets the confirmation, immediately turn off the air conditioning system and the non-fire power supply, open the smoke exhaust valve of the fire layer, start the smoke exhaust fan, at the same time, open the positive pressure air supply valve of the upper layer and the lower layer of the fire layer, start the pressure fan, pressurize the staircase, prevent the smoke from invading, and ensure the fresh air during the evacuation. The whole process is controlled by the intelligent control module.
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