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Increasing Home Security While You're Away

by:Fishcat     2020-04-24
Modern life is often a blur of working long hours, business trips and the occasional holiday -- in general a lot of time spent away from our homes. Surprisingly, despite the long hours we spend away from our homes, we often keep our most valuable possessions there -- and if not those, all the other possessions that enable us to function. Have you ever stopped to think what you would do if someone broke into your home while you were away and not only stole your most valuable and sentimental items such as jewellery, but also the items that will cost you the most to replace, like your TV? Yes, many of us have content insurance, for those who don't, the cost can be debilitating. For those who do, there is no escaping the feeling of violation in the home. So what can you do to protect your assets, your lifestyle and your sense of security? Consider home automation, it can make your life easier and a lot more secure. 1. Making your presence known Automating your home gives you access to all your electricals, include your lighting, from a remote location. Often when people go away on holidays they worry that a vigilant thief could notice the lack of lights and movement in their home, and this could trigger a burglary. Sometimes they leave a light on the whole time they are away -- increasing energy bills and not really showing any variation in the behaviour in their empty home. Other times people use plug in timers, which have a very regularly -- perhaps notably regular -- switch on and off time. Home automation gives you the ability to control your electricals in your home, from your holiday location, giving you more control over your security. 2. Security systems If you want to get more high-tech than controlling your electricity, an automated home also means the capacity for an automated security system. This system actually gives you as much, or more control than being in the house itself. The first level of security is completely integrating all of your environmental sensors so they pick up any movement or change in or around your home. You can also integrate this with a response -- perhaps turning all the lights on in the house, so the potential burglar thinks there is someone home and takes flight. Want more security and more control when you're away? How about literally keeping an eye on your home, even when you're not there? Integrating your system and connecting through the internet can give you the ability to move cameras around on your property so you can see different angles and literally explore the house while you are away. A smart home can mean a safer and more secure home! Security not enough of a reason to automate? Combine your new found security with energy management software and you have a really smart house -- one that will keep you and your belongings safe, and help you reduce your energy consumption bills.
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