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How to set up smart plug?

by:Fishcat     2020-02-27
Although smart sockets are now widely popular, there are still many families that have not yet used smart sockets. For friends who have just used smart sockets, many people don't know how to set up smart sockets. The following small series will tell you how to use smart WIFI sockets. I hope the small series can help everyone. Smart Plug 1, WiFi smart plug, breakthrough, smart home, consistent complex system image, with a smart phone and independent APP, it allows you to remotely control the electrical appliances in your home anywhere in the world. 2. WiFi smart plug has no complicated installation process, just download and install APP application software. Add a network to pair smart sockets. Local and remote free control can be realized. Smart Plug supports Android mainstream operating system 3. WiFi smart plug supports real-time status feedback, which can feed back the working status of electrical appliances to the client in real time and support the setting of scheduled tasks. Mobile phone clients can control multiple smart sockets by multiple people at the same time. 4. Wi-Fi Smart Plug is based on Wi- The Fi wireless communication module is embedded in the device to realize the communication effect between the product and the mobile phone. Please confirm that you have entered the correct WiFi password ( You can click the small eye icon behind the password bar to display the password); Before starting the configuration, please confirm that the host has been pressed and pressed for 3 seconds to make the signal light flash (0. Flash once every 5 seconds). Please place the host closer to the router for configuration. If Smartlink has not been successful, try configuring using AP mode. If it is still unsuccessful, please power off mom and power on again and try again.
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With a few simple , and a little bit of wifi plug socket, you to can handle wifi plug socket on your own.
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