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how to secure your smart home?

by:Fishcat     2020-02-25
The Internet of Things is developing at an explosive speed.
Families and businesses have joined the trend.
Technology companies are launching new products that add convenience, comfort and savings to your dumb appliances.
More and more people are aware of the benefits of smart products, and the excitement of customers has soared.
Today, customers can control all connected appliances from anywhere.
In the world of the internet of things, the lock does not require a key, the light is already independent of the installed switch, the heating and cooling controls do not require your presence, and the home or business premises are always visible;
No matter where you are.
Remote scheduling and artificial intelligence bring the availability of smart products to a new level.
All this is possible.
The internet coverage continues to expand, the use of smart phones is increasingly rampant, the price of smart products is competitive, and the customer base that hopes that smart products will be intelligent in every device they handle is increasing.
New players and new players bring new products and solutions every day.
Customers are embracing these solutions, and connected things in your home and business are increasing every day, bringing more convenience and comfort to our daily lives.
The future of connected homes that connect your devices to the Internet and remotely control them is a great convenience, but if users ignore the security aspect, this simple thing can be your enemy.
Threats to security breaches include, but are not limited to, unsafe devices, unsafe mobile applications, and WiFi network bugs.
Smart home developers have been working hard through pre-
Once the device is sold and used by consumers, engineering software and regular updates through FOTA.
Therefore, as an end user, your primary concern is the network connected to the device.
As a smart home user, you should pay attention to the following aspects so that device hacking becomes difficult, if not impossible :-
Do not use the default factory settings password for your network device and connected device
Smart networks always give them a vague name.
Always have strict control over guest access to your network create two different Wi-
If you have a network
Network with router firewall or stand
Separate devices or software that comes with the router to limit incoming connections.
Using the WPA2 protocol instead of the WEP protocol at the device level ensures security by carefully looking at the permissions set by the device and making sure they are sealed.
Again, regular firmware updates are the most important because they protect your device from potential bugs.
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