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how to plan your smart home - and weigh privacy risks

by:Fishcat     2020-02-26
You may have heard of lights turned off with an app or voice command.
Or the curtain that magically rises every morning.
Technology companies are pushing smart homes to sell appliances and gadgets that provide Internet services.
You don\'t know the connection convenience you need.
But before you give in to temptation
For yourself or others-
Considering that these devices may also provide keys to your home to companies and hackers.
Here\'s how to start your smart home and what to worry about in the process.
Starting with smart home, smart home can include remote simple functions
Control lights are as complex as thermostats, and they know when you\'ll be home and heated automatically.
Next, you may want to mix and match these tasks into routines, such as wake-up-
Automatically start the ceremony of the coffee machine, lifting the curtains and playing the news.
With the right tool you can remotely check if you remember to lock the door
Lock them up if you forget.
Some systems can also create temporary digital keys for customers and contractors.
When people hear voices, many people start thinking about smart homes --
Activate speakers such as Amazon\'s Echo or Google Home, although these gadgets are not absolutely necessary.
You don\'t even need real smart lights and appliances because you can buy smart plugs, adapters or anything you plug in to control your existing lights.
If you catch the smart one
Home bug, you can add an already built in smart device when replacing an existing device.
A major transformation also provides an opportunity to make greater intelligencehome plans.
A year later, you may not want to get new curtains now, but just replace them with smart ones.
There are some problems with risk that need to be remembered.
Many devices constantly listen to commands and connect to the company server to execute them.
Not everyone will feel comfortable with the live microphone at home (
While your phone may already be doing the same thing, if you already have accessibility features like \"Hey Siri\" and \"OK Google\" enabled).
In most cases, the recording leaves home only when you trigger the device, say a command phrase like \"OK Google\", or press a button to get the device\'s attention.
However, the Amazon device mistakenly recorded the private conversation of the home and sent a \"send message\" request to an acquaintance after the device mistakenly thought it had heard the trigger word.
Check what safeguards the equipment provides before purchasing.
For example, a smart speaker usually has a mute button to disable the microphone completely.
Mozilla\'s \"privacy does not include\" program is designed to warn consumers about products with security or privacy issues.
A general web search may also cause complaints.
In general, it is helpful to stick to the main brands, because if they are found to take shortcuts, their corporate reputation is at stake.
Big companies can also quickly fix security bugs.
From startups and no-
Brand names may provide little or no protection at all;
These companies may be more concerned about bringing their products to the market.
Large companies, however, are also more likely to use your data for marketing.
So consider trade. offs.
Even if a product works as expected, it may leave a record that will reappear after hacking, litigation, or investigation.
For example, manufacturers usually store voice commands sent by their gadgets over the Internet and use this data to help them personalize their services --
There are also potential advertisements.
These voice clips may include background music or conversations.
Reputable brands allow you to view and delete your voice history;
Be sure to do so often.
Think twice about smart locks and digital keys. In a child-
For example, in a custody dispute, your ex may summon records to learn about your staying up late at school night.
If you rent a house, the landlord may suspect that you are an unauthorized occupant if you use the guest key every day.
As cable and Internet services become commodities, the companies behind them are turning to smart homes for new sources of revenue.
Digital Life At & t and Xfinity homes At Comcast offer cameras, door controls, and other smart deviceshome devices.
These packages are good for those who like one
Stop shopping, though you can save money and get more options by shopping around. For the do-it-
Consider which company\'s services you have already used heavily.
If it\'s Amazon, then the device powered by the Alexa digital assistant may be the most effective.
Alexa offers a wide range of products, including refrigerators and washing machines.
You can order the Alexa microwave to \"heat a potato\" without having to check how many seconds there are.
It will also re-order popcorn with commands
Amazon, of course.
Similarly, if you are a heavy user of Google, choose a device that supports Google Assistant.
Apple\'s products are under the umbrella of HomeKit, while Samsung\'s products are smart products.
Some products will work with multiple digital assistants.
Some devices, especially cameras, will be charged extra for extended storage and other features.
But in most cases you just have to pay for the product.
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