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How to place an order on smart lighting solutions ?
To purchase smart lighting solutions from Beijing Huaxia Shenghe International Consulting Co., Ltd., customers can place an order through our order placing system. It is featured by quick response, no delay operation, and high automation. We develop a system based on our years of experience partnering with the software company. Customers can place an order by filling a form which includes the purchase quantity, delivery methods, expected arrival time and personal information. We will ensure the confidentiality of the information and timely arrange the manufacturing of the product.
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Fishcat Smart Home System is a well-known manufacturer regarding the design and manufacture of wifi controlled lights. We have a depth of industry-specific knowledge. The curtain motor series has become a hot product of Fishcat Smart Home System. wifi remote control can be used for smart speaker and provide great help. It can be designed to support remote control. Fishcat Smart Home System also puts a lot of investment into the build of highly professional customer service team. It helps achieve the intelligence and informatization of the home furnishing.
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We will focus on sustainability during manufacturing activities. This theme helps us to ensure that our commitment to good corporate citizenship is “brought to life” through a broad broad range of complementary and relevant initiatives.

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