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How the Smart Meter Is Going to Invade Your Neighborhood

by:Fishcat     2020-04-23
There is a Smart Home Coming to Your Neighborhood Along with terms like, Smart Phone, Smart Meter, and Smart Grid, we had better start getting use to the term 'Smart Home'. Some things in this world are here to stay, like the Hula Hoop and Slinky. Smart Home terminology and technology is here and it's not a passing fad like the Edsel. I can hardly wait for the nay-sayers to begin with statements like, 'The Smart Home is destroying my brain cells and I can't see to lace up my velcro shoes!' What is a Smart Home? Remember when you were a kid and your family was going on a trip of several days to visit Grandma? You got a mile down the road and Your Mom suddenly states, 'I think I forgot to unplug the iron, we have to go back!' Forget the fact that this cannot happen today because nobody uses an iron anymore anyway, just think about this in Smart Home terms. With a Smart Home, you don't have to go back to check, you simply pick up your Smart Phone and ask your Smart Home if the iron is unplugged. Presto, emergency diverted. Do you have a remote control button to raise and lower the garage door? Do you have a remote control that changes channels on the T.V.? Do you have a light over the front door sidewalk that comes on automatically when someone comes into view? Well, take this kind of remote technology and let the boys at Star Wars Central work with it a while and you will get a look at the Smart Home Technology of the here and now. A Smart Home utilizes a central brain (computer) to program, organize, and control appliances, devices, and systems within your home. When your at home, the home takes care of you - when your away from home, the home takes care of itself and let's you now how it's doing. Smart Home Example A small electronic chip is attached to your lapel. As you move about your home, the lights in front of you come on and the lights behind you dim. Your favorite music follows you throughout the home or the T.V. progam you are watching. The chip keeps track of all that you do and learns your preferences. On a cool winter day, the drapes open as the sun appears on one side of the home and closes the drapes on the other. With the kids expected home from school, the kitchen, bathroom and family room warm up - your bedroom, bathroom and office won't warm up until later. Even in the dark, camera's track the exterior of your home. Image of house exterior visible on any screen in the house or hand held device. Lights plug into outlet dimmers, all lights dim on command or automatically. Video door phone provides doorbell with picture of visitor. All doors can lock and open with finger print scan. All appliances report function, efficiency and status to central control. The idea of a smart home might make you wonder just how lazy people have become, can we not even come up with the effort to turn on a light? Are we trying to make the Jetson's a reality, are we trying to all live like tech wizards? Well, trade in your car and hook up the horse and buggy. Flip the circuit breaker off and light up the candle. Turn off the T.V. and whittle a stick figure from a piece of firewood. If you don't want to embrace Smart Technology, be my guest - just don't expect me to join you. Your New Neighborhood The housing market will begin to grow again one of these days. Indications point to the expectation that houses will be smaller, they will even be placed on a smaller piece of ground, and they will be Smarter than homes of the past. The Smart technology will focus on home security, home energy efficiency and home comfort. The homes will offer a variety of renewable energy options and they will need to pass an energy efficiency level of compliance. The homes of the future will be more environmentally friendly than the people that live in them. Your new neighborhood will will make you feel left out if you do not have a solar array on your roof, a hybrid car in the garage, and a T.V. tuned to your favorite channel when you arrive home...
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