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how smart homes work

by:Fishcat     2020-01-02
Home automation has a long history of smart home software and technology.
Technology trends have come and gone for many years, but one of the first successful companies still exists.
When a Scottish company developed x10, the origin of many smart home products was 1975.
The X10 allows compatible products to talk to each other through wires that already exist in the home.
All electrical appliances and equipment are receivers and means of controlling the system, such as remote control or keyboard, are transmitters.
If you want to turn off the lights in another room, the transmitter sends out a message with a digital code that includes the following: all of this happens in less than a second, but X10 does have some limitations.
Communication through wires is not always reliable, as lines become \"noisy\" from powering other devices \".
The X10 device can interpret the electronic interference as a command and react, or it cannot receive the command at all.
While the X10 device is still in use, other technologies have emerged to compete for home network revenue.
Many new systems use radio waves for communication rather than power lines.
This is how Bluetooth, WiFi and cell phone signals work.
The two most prominent wireless networks in home automation are ZigBee and Z-Wave.
Both technologies are mesh networks, which means there are more than one way messages reach their destination. Z-
Wave uses the source routing algorithm to determine the fastest route for messages. Each Z-
Wave device embed code, the network controller recognizes the code when the device is plugged into the system, determines its location and adds it to the network.
When the command passes, the controller uses the algorithm to determine how a message should be sent.
Because this route can take up a lot of memory on the network, Z-
Wave has built a hierarchy between devices: Some controllers start messages and some controllers are \"slaves\", meaning they can only carry and respond to messages.
The name of ZigBee illustrates the concept of a mesh network, as messages from the transmitter twists and turns like bees, looking for the best path to reach the receiver. While Z-
Wave uses proprietary technology to operate its systems, and the ZigBee platform is based on the standards set by the Association of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)
For wireless personal networks.
This means that any company can build a ZigBee-
In the absence of licensing fees for the technology behind it, compatible products may end up giving ZigBee an edge in the market. Like Z-
ZigBee has complete functions (
Or someone who routes messages)
And reduction of functional equipment (
Or those that don\'t).
Using a wireless network provides greater flexibility for placing devices, but they may interfere like wires.
Insteon provides a way for your home network to communicate through wires and radio waves, making it a dualmesh network.
If the message doesn\'t pass on one platform, it will try another.
Instead of routing messages, the Insteon device will broadcast messages, and all devices will receive messages and broadcast messages until the command is executed.
These devices are like peers, not one as an instigator and the other as a receptor.
This means that the more devices installed on the network, the stronger the message.
On the next page, we will learn about the products we need to run smart homes.
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