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How Smart Home Buyers Save Time and Money Finding

by:Fishcat     2020-04-29
Home buyers looking to buy a home, typically drive around the areas they like, and gather all phone numbers from the for sale signs. They then go home and call all the Realtors whose numbers they have collected to find information about the houses they saw with a for sale sign, then they must wait for those people to return their call. Home sellers sometimes prefer not to have a for sale sign in front of their houses, so those properties are not available to the drive by home buyer. That was yesterday. Today, a potential home buyer who is driving around the neighborhood he likes, stops by the curb, activates his mobile phone and touches the Realtor application on the screen. the built-in GPS in his phone identifies his exact location and within a few minutes he has detailed information about all available homes for sale around him,. Via his phone, he gets all relevant information about each house: price, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, and much more, it also includes all the pictures associated with the listing. He can see shots of the inside of the home, even of those houses without a for sale sign. If he sees something he likes, this home buyer can simply touch the screen and it dials the listing agent of the house he is interest in, if the Realtor has his cellular phone listed as the primary contact number, the connection is immediate. This free application is by far one of the most useful tools available today to a person considering buying a home. It offers the home buyer the ability to know on the spot what is available via an interactive map, it provides instant access to over 4 million homes, and is available for the iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7. There are other free applications that offer the same data, , however has a more up to the minute and more accurate information. This is one more reason home sellers should insist on seen their houses listed on the MLS by their Realtor. Smart home buyers will save time and money and get better results in their search for their dream home with this application. If you need help downloading this application, give me a call, I'll gladly walk you through the steps necessary to install it in your phone today.
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