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How many production lines does Fishcat Smart Home System run?
The number of production lines at Beijing Huaxia Shenghe International Consulting Co., just a showcase about our production capacity. What we can promise is that the production lines or the total production capacity is sufficient enough to meet any requirements. We also achieve the automation or semi-automation in the production. This means that we can produce more products with less production lines. In addition to the production lines, we also have testing equipment and packing equipment that make contribution to both quality and efficiency improving.

Fishcat Smart Home System now ranks top regarding the R&D and manufacture of wifi light bulb. Fishcat Smart Home System's wifi led controller series are created based on unremitting efforts. The designers working for Fishcat Smart Home System is globally famous. It is able to help people save time with automated tasks. The food barbequed with the help of this product tastes excellent and flavorful. People who have bought this product say they are considering more options from us. Its electromagnetic compatibility is proved by a comprehensive range of EMC tests.

Fishcat insists on development concept of wifi socket to be an eye-catching enterprise. Please contact.
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