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How many people in Fishcat Smart Home System R&D department?
The number of workers in the R&D department is 20% of the total in Beijing Huaxia Shenghe International Consulting Co., Ltd.. R&D is different from most corporate actions because it does not mean generating immediate profits, but often resulting in greater risk and unclear return on investment. This is a suggestion for us. We spent years creating new products or services and enhancing existing products or services.

Fishcat Smart Home System is very active in the wifi remote control industry with its high demand. Fishcat Smart Home System's wifi light bulb series are created based on unremitting efforts. smart junction box is a popular product in the market now which is processed with electrical junction box. It is widely used in residential areas. People love it because it helps protect their fingers from heat generated from the barbeque. 'I'm going to buy another one', said one of our customers. It can be designed to support interaction with third-party devices.

For development, Fishcat actively carries out the work of creating a good atmosphere for strenuous efforts and striving for excellence. Check now!
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