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Home Structured Wiring Systems

by:Fishcat     2020-04-20
The modern home continuously advances as technology changes. Today's residential homes are far more technologically advanced than ever. A home that allows the control of electronics from any room in your house is often called a smart home. Most people have heard the term Smart Home. It's a similar term as home structured wiring. The meaning of those two terms is simple: taking your electrical components and media products like your television, phone, internet, and security cables and equipment, and distributing that media throughout your entire home. Home structured wiring systems are systems that combine your home's building structure, with the latest technology. What a home wiring system can do for your home is much more than using twist ties to organize your home electrical wiring. It is a method of creating a well connected home through centralized control devices. If you are a do-it-yourself home security systems technician, an audio video distribution technician, or have ever thought about modernizing your house or turning your home into a 'smart home,' you've probably heard about structured wiring. If you have the right distribution equipment, you are able to connect your iPod or home theater surround sound to speakers throughout the house. If you have a home surveillance system or multi room front door intercom system, you have multiple devices all wired together. This can become a huge mess of tangled wires and cables that is unsightly and unsafe. Imagine how fishing pole lines can become intertwined in a web of knots and tangles. It's near impossible to untangle all those lines of string. Now image all the electronic equipment that is in your home, and all the wires and cables required to run every device. Tangled wiring that is not cleanly organized and distributed can cause fires and or safety hazards when working around the electrical equipment. You wouldn't want your kids playing around the house and trip and fall over a twisted web of wiring. Whole house residential structured wiring systems are the best way to go for the smart home solution. Home structured wiring systems will organize your home equipment cables by hiding them inside your house wall structure, inside structured wiring panels. These wiring panels contain your home audio distribution, data distribution, TV and telephone distribution equipment, along with your wires and cables. This makes for one centralized location for your home electronic equipment that is integrated into the walls of your residence. It is a wonderful feeling to not live with a mess of wires and electronic equipment running throughout the home. Residential structured wiring products fit easily into structured wiring panels allowing room for technology upgrades as your electronics become more advanced. As you grow, your home grows with you. With a structured cabling system, upgrading your home with a new audio system, home speakers, computer data cables, intercom systems, security cameras, surveillance equipment, or low voltage wiring products, has never been easier. When deciding what to do with a Home Structured Wiring System, it will be extremely beneficial to learn as much as you can about how your home and technology work with your dreams. A residential wiring technician or a custom home installation professional can provide much needed information on what steps to take to customize your home, and allow for your residence to grow with your changing technological needs. - David Cree
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